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GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND!  Breaking news: I actually had to put on a HOODIE for a while today! (And I was not happy about it.) Expect more cool clouds with a rare appearance from the sun tomorrow, and a high of 70. Now let's slip into some NEWS.


• Well, this isn't good: According to a new Oregonian poll, Democrat Tina Kotek and Republican Christine Drazan are currently in a statistical tie in the race for the governor's seat—thanks to "shadow Republican" Betsy Johnson and her gross, loudmouth trickery. (Talk to your friends and relatives, because it's time to expose this fake "independent.")

• Opponents of Portland's Charter Reform measure (Vadim Mozyrsky and Alisa Pyszka—ahem... two failed primary candidates) are taking themselves out of the coming City Club debate on the subject, because... so typical... they don't think they're being treated "fairly." (What is going on? Is it "entitled white person" season?)

• Speaking of entitled crybabies who have no respect for rules:

• OPB journalist April Ehrlich is (RIGHTLY) suing the Medford police, the city of Medford, and Jackson County for being falsely arrested WITH FORCE while trying to report on a homeless sweep in the area. Go get 'em, April!

• Today in HORRORS:


• The Florida coast is being savaged by Hurricane Ian, which is just short of a category 5 storm and is already considered one of the most powerful hurricanes to hit the US in decades. Over one million people have lost power in Florida, as Cuba tries to restore electricity and clean up following Ian's devastation.

• Putin seems ready to annex parts of Ukraine after holding his sham vote in the country... and before you give him the benefit of the doubt, read this line from the story: "Armed troops had gone door-to-door with election officials to collect ballots in five days of voting."

Six people have been shot, and three victims are in critical condition after yet another school shooting, this time in Oakland, California. Details are still emerging.

• Sounds about right: "Romance Novel Model Pleads Guilty to Dragging Capitol Police Down Stairs on Jan. 6."

• And finally, here's a message for all the entitled Portland crybabies who think the rules don't apply to them.