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GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND! Condolences to anyone who liked Twitter. Elon Musk bought the dang thing so he wouldn't have to go to court. Is there any other news today? Let's find out!

• Tenants in affordable housing units in a North Portland apartment building received a reprieve this afternoon. After exposing their new landlord's intentions to raise the rents by nearly 50 percent, the landlords, Green Cities Company, agreed not to raise the rates of those units until 2024, when their affordable housing program expires.

• In 2019, an Oregon federal judge vacated the sentence of a man named Frank Gable, who had spent nearly 30 years in prison, based on a new examination of his murder conviction. However, the Oregon Department of Justice says it intends to petition the Supreme Court, in an attempt to have the ruling overturned, despite evidence and interviews in his case that was found faulty, wishes of the victim's family, and confessions from another man that says he committed the crime.

• Flashback to the Mercury 2022 Queer Guide! Maybe you recall this piece by Andrew Jankowski about Portland-area queer performers and artists who are making waves in the TV realm—well, Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls won an Emmy! Jayla Rose Sullivan sat down with KOIN's Ashley Howard to talk about the experience:

• In the local food world this week, two of Portland's most exciting pop-ups, Marble Queen and Street Disco, have launched their own permanent brick-and-mortars. Plus, local wine veteran Joel Gunderson and St. Jack chef Aaron Barnett open a wine bar, and the bakery Banquette is serving up London Fog cream puffs and oat milk lavender latte macarons. Read on for all of that and more culinary updates.


Jerry Lee Lewis died.

• Now the Musk Stuff: Thursday night, Elon Musk bought Twitter, making it a private company for the first time since 2013. Today he fired the company's CEO, CFO, and its top lawyer. Thanks to their contracts, it looks like he'll have to pay those three nearly $200 million combined—and he's just getting started. Although there were rumors that Musk reinstated Kanye West's account, West was actually never banned, merely restricted. Although Musk claims Twitter will form "a content moderation council with widely diverse viewpoints," there already seems to be a resurgence of right-wing users.

• Sidebar (but is it?), the Economist is super into cocaine coverage lately, and y'know(?) good on them.

• Last week—when people were weirdly still listening to West (why?)—he claimed he'd pitched the concept for Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained (which was honestly too long) while brainstorming a music video. Today Tarantino has dismissed the claim.

• Now here's one for all the banned people getting back on Twitter:

@advicefromlouisreloaded Non POC as soon as Elon Musk finalizes his Twitter purchase #fyp #comedy #skit #ElonMusk #Twitter #AdviceFromLouis #funny #JustASkit #relatable #POV ♬ original sound - AdviceFromLouisReloaded