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GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND! The weather out there is butt on butts. What does that mean? It's, like, an emotional metaphor—you just feel it. If you have weekend travel plans, make sure to double check that you can still get there because the highways are having all the problems.

• Do you know what time it is? You do, FOR NOW. This weekend we celebrate a transition, from Daylight Savings into Standard Time. (This is known colloquially as "fall back." Some will need to set their clocks back, and everyone with web-connected clocks will just think they happened to wake up early on Sunday morning, while brunch servers are rolling their eyes.) For a minute, back in March, it looked like lawmakers in DC would pass a bill to make Daylight Saving Time permanent. But then that motherfucker stalled in the house. You guys are embarrassing me in front of Mexico—they already figured this out last week.

• Christopher Knipe, the man accused of striking Portland activist Sean Kealiher with his car, killing him, was denied bail this morning. At the hearing, prosecutors showed security footage that appears to capture an SUV driving against traffic on NE Couch and striking Kealiher. (Take care, if watching that might impact you in a way you don't want.)

• It's been two months since a Portland bartender and musician Aron Christensen and his Australian cattle dog Buzzo were found dead on a hiking trail. Police have a suspect and an alleged confession from the person who shot Christensen so why aren't there any charges?

• Oh oh oh—Portland Cà Phê opened a new location and the team behind República has a fleet of new restaurants. What else is happening in Portland's food scene? Check on the Mercury's food news round-up for more!

• Everyone is doing some big shouts about the midterm elections right now—we are in the crevasse—but if you want to watch one more piece about the proposed Portland charter reform, may I suggest this darling, non-shouting, animated breakdown?

• Don't stress if you haven't actually voted yet. YOU SHOULD VOTE SOON, but you technically have until Tuesday to get that puppy into a ballot box. Need any refreshers about the issues? The Mercury's got you covered with our 2022 Election Guide!

While gas prices in Oregon continue to fall, they're still pretty high. President Biden said today that he's continuing to work on the price. “I’m going to have a little—as they say—come to the lord talk with the oil companies pretty soon,” the Hill reports.

• As Elon Musk continues his cool layoff plans at Twitter, some of the former employees have already filed a class action lawsuit, alleging the company let staff go without adequate notice. Laying off employees isn't just a way for Musk to make the company his own, it also will make the company appear profitable for a short time because Twitter won't have to pay those salaries. It's actually one of the tactics used to destroy local newsrooms

• Are you ever like: Oh my god, I can see it happening. Musk turns Twitter into a hive of scum and villainy, and then before you know it we're doing Trump 2024The Hill reports that, at a Thursday night rally in Iowa, former president Trump signaled that he will announce his candidacy soon, saying: “Get ready. That’s all I’m telling you. Very soon. Get ready. Get ready.”

• I could have put this in local news, but honestly—feels more national.

• Singer / icon Rihanna invited actor / alleged spousal abuser Johnny Depp to appear on the runway of her new Savage X Fenty fashion show, and thus sparked online outrage. Not to say this isn't a terrible choice, but let's wait and see what she does—because maybe she's just, like, setting a trap?

• And now for historic images of children with goats.