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Mereba performs at Pickathon in 2019.
Mereba performs at Pickathon in 2019. Natalie Behring, courtesy of Pickathon

Good Morning, Portland! We're looking at another rainy one out there. Queue up your lo-fi beats and let's get into the ding dang NEWS!


• Be freaked out by last week's report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (we're doomed!), but don't jump to conclusions (which only serve to make clues of ions) about the cause of Portland's snowy April Monday. State climatologists say it’s too early to tell.

• It was more than a place to read important, feature-length essays about culture, history, and news—Bitch Magazine was a place where inexperienced writers could get their start. (I am one of them.)

• After a two-year, COVID-induced hiatus, Pickathon finally returns to its iconic Pendarvis Farm location in Happy Valley, OR. Scope the 2022 lineup and read about the fest's plan to make this year the "best Pickathon ever!"

• ICYMI: A Portland Public Schools (PPS) teacher alleges that the district placed him on leave in retaliation for speaking out against the Harriet Tubman Middle School relocation project.


• While it may seem strange to, if you live in Portland, closely follow the unfolding story of the terrifying Brooklyn Subway Shooting, the New York Times has exhaustive coverage on the tragedy: maps, diagrams, and now statements from people who know the man sought as a person of interest.

• The US Treasury says that it's doing its darnedest—along with other ally nations—to sanction the fuck (my phrasing) out of Russia, hopefully draining its war coffers and drying up the resources its been using to invade Ukraine. This morning Russian energy minister Nikolai Shulginov announced he's down to sell oil to "friendly countries" at any cost.

• Georgia Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene recently claimed US residents were tired of hearing about "the over-dramatization of a riot that happened here at the Capitol one time." CNN Politics Editor-at-large Chris Cillizza has some words for her about why the January 6 capitol riot matters.

• AHOY THERE, STONERS! The SPLIFF Film Festival—featuring short, hilarious, trippy, and thoughtful mini-movies about cannabis and made by stoners just like YOU—is coming to Revolution Hall for one night only on Saturday, April 16! GET THOSE TICKETS NOW! (And speaking of the munchies, your favorite week of the year is almost here: It’s the Mercury’s PIZZA WEEK featuring $3 specialty slices at 28 locations across the Portland area, starting Monday, April 18-24. Eat ’em up!)

• As you settle in to today's grey skies, keep in mind that the youths are alright—and into coding!

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