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People across the nation (and here in Portland!) will march to protect abortion rights tomorrow (Sat May 14).
People across the nation (and here in Portland!) will march to protect abortion rights tomorrow (Sat May 14). Jemal Countess / Getty News

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Grab that sun while you can get it this morning, because rain moves in tonight and tomorrow—and as long as you're grabbing things, grab that ballot, grab those Mercury endorsements and cheat sheet, and VOTE! (Election day is this coming Tuesday, so grab some DEMOCRACY.) Oh, and let's also grab some NEWS.


• In case you haven't noticed, COVID cases are on the rise (and if you haven't gotten it yet, there's a good chance it's coming for you), and while county health officials are advising everyone to keep wearing their masks inside, the good news is that the latest variant, while highly transmissible, will not make you "terribly sick, it’s still a mild virus for the most part.”

* Everybody's talkin' about our Alex Zielinski's great Hall Monitor column in which she expertly dissects the infuriating Thompson Elk vote this week, in which City Council (bullied by People for Portland) are taking a symbol of defiance against police violence and trying to recast it as the wealthy reclaiming "their" city. It is excellent, and you should read it.

• Speaking of power-hungry wealthy folk: While public campaign financing limits have stopped Portland's wealthy developers from personally donating any more than $250 each to their preferred candidate, Vadim Mozyrsky, they're still able to pump hundreds of thousands into the campaign to unseat Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty by running the money through their PAC, Portland United.

• Hey music lovers! Hear in Portland columnist Jenni Moore has the scoop on the best music to put in your ears, including Portland-based rapper Wynne's new single, and the good news that Pickathon has added GZA and the Phunky Nomads to the bill!


• Expect hundreds of thousands of people to march nationwide (and here in Portland) on Saturday to protest the Supreme Court's expected overturn of Roe v Wade and to show our dedication for protecting abortion rights for EVERYONE (not just those in the relatively safe environment of Oregon). Here's more local info about tomorrow's march!

• OOOOOOH, Putin is gonna be MAD, because now Sweden is heavily considering following its pal Finland into NATO to help push back against Russian aggression. (Good riddance to their historical neutrality!) Meanwhile, Ukraine is holding its first war crimes trial, starring a Russian soldier who brutally gunned down an older citizen for the crime of riding his bicycle.

• WNBA star Brittney Griner will stay in Russian detention for an additional month as she waits to stand trial for allegedly carrying vape cartridges containing oil derived from cannabis in her luggage.

• Happy Robert Pattinson Day (to those who celebrate).

• Creepy marionette billionaire Elon Musk says his scheme to buy and revamp Twitter in his ignorant image is temporarily on hold—but he's still committed to the purchase and fucking it up for everybody.

• Hooray for SCIENCE!

• And finally... have a great weekend everybody, but... you know... manage your expectations.