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New evidence shows that when Veep Pence refused to help him overturn the election, Trump sent an angry mob after him.
New evidence shows that when Veep Pence refused to help him overturn the election, Trump sent an angry mob after him. Pool / Getty Images

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Happy Friday, and I hope you've saved up enough energy this week to celebrate Pride weekend and Juneteenth and... oh, shit... what else? ACK! Father's Day! Maybe you should just skip out of work right now to prep? But first... THE NEWS.


• More inaction from federal and local law enforcement has been revealed in the case of the accused Normandale Park shooter, Benjamin Smith, who killed one and injured five during a mass shooting at a peaceful protest earlier this year. According to the OPB investigation, not only was the FBI aware of the shooter's violent tendencies beforehand, they had been in contact with him as well. In addition, the cousin of the alleged gunman had contacted Portland Police to inform them that Smith made a death threat against him, aaaaand... not much happened with that. Surprised?

• Next week, Oregon expects to start giving Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines to tykes ages five and under, following expected approval from various agencies. The state is expected to initially receive 61,800 doses in the first week.

• Health officials have identified what could be the first case of monkeypox in Oregon. The person allegedly caught it while traveling to a community where there has been an outbreak, and while the person is currently isolating from others, officials are reminding us that the infection does not easily transmit to others.

• Congrats to our sister to the north, Seattle, which was one of the 11 US cities chosen to host games at the 2026 World Cup!

• This week's hilarious edition of POP QUIZ PDX is more like "Poop Quiz PDX"—testing your trivia knowledge on Portland poop-related subjects... along with, you know, the usual shit. Let's see how smart you are! 🧠

• Sandwich lovers rejoice! Starting THIS MONDAY, June 20 through Sunday, June 26, get deeeeelicious $8 sammies from 30 (!) local restaurants. It’s the Mercury’s SANDWICH WEEK! Eat ’em up!


• Yesterday's edition of the January 6 congressional hearings was particularly damning for the Donald Trump after it was revealed he went to extraordinary lengths (even though he was told it was clearly illegal) to pressure Veep Mike Pence into not certifying the electoral votes. When Pence steadfastly refused, Trump set an angry mob on him (chanting "Hang Mike Pence") who got within 40 feet of the Vice President before he escaped.


• Today's mass shooting (yes, it's a daily thing): A 71-year-old suspect brought a gun into a potluck at an Alabama church and shot and killed two people, injuring another. The suspect is in custody.

• The Iowa Supreme Court has reversed a decision that constitutionally protected abortion in the state, clearing the way for lawmakers to declare severe restrictions or even a total ban.

• CEO and chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon, is stepping down from his position while he is being investigated for a misconduct charge which alleges he paid a $3 million settlement to an employee with whom he had a consensual affair.

• And finally... me going into the weekend like: