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A Bulldog waits to compete in the Toy, Terrier, and Non-Sporting dogs event during the annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show.
A Bulldog waits to compete in the Toy, Terrier, and Non-Sporting dogs event during the annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Good Morning, Portland! We're looking at a high of 76 degrees today, and I know what you're thinking: Thank goodness, because Portlanders CANNOT DEAL with anything 80 or over. It's not like we moved here for the sunshine. Now let's get at the news!


• In the words of the are-they-goofy-are-they-serious alternative rockers They Might Be Giants, "Minimum Wage! HYAH!" Oregon's minimum wage is set to bump again, starting July 1. A seven-tiered minimum wage bump process was set in motion in 2016, when the legislature created a plan to increase the statewide requirements. Portland will increase its base wage to $14.75, while rural Oregon workers raise to a minimum of $12.50. This will be the seventh and last planned bump.

• Saying this to the readership of the Mercury is very likely stressing a point to those already in the know, but doesn't being at the center of the largest criminal investigation in US history make people think that the Proud Boys are probably a little more than a "drinking club?" Oregon Public Broadcasting's Jonathan Levinson has a long form piece, drawing to together the ways the Pacific Northwest was a testing ground for the Jan 6 insurrection.

• Oh, yes. Actually, I would like some cherry blossom trees in from of the downtown library. Thank you.

• What's your relationship to your rental deposit? Always get it back? Kiss it, and consider it gone? Whatever it was, it's likely to change again now that Portland's City Council will vote to roll back a 2020 city policy which set limits on how much a landlord can withhold for repairs or replacements.

• I must warn you that SOON it will no longer be Sandwich Week. Through Sunday, June 26, 30 (!) participating local restaurants have an $8 sandwich with you name on it. I'm seeing a lot of katsu out there, but frankly I'm more drawn to the veg options—including a strawberry basil ice cream sando—today! You're in the Dagwood sandwich-esque thick of the Mercury’s SANDWICH WEEK.


• The 2022 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is underway in Tarrytown, New York. And the New York Times will provide live coverage of tonight's awarding of Best in Show. You know what that means: there will be photos of dogs.

• President Biden plans to ask Congress for a three-month gas tax holiday, to ease the burn of gas prices. Tell that to the environment, right? Additionally to cheaper gas being a potential move in the wrong direction, experts are skeptical that the move will even benefit consumers.

• Hey germaphobes, I know you do and don't want to read about the relative germ-y-ness of public toilets. The New York Times brings you this charmingly chuckle-worthy quote from Charles Gerba, a professor of microbiology: "most of these pathogens aren’t 'butt-borne diseases,'” Gerba says of the bacteria and viruses commonly found in the public restroom. Read on for other illuminations, which may cause you both concern and relief.

• Speaking of a bodega bathroom, is this anything? Pride and Prejudice, but everything is explained by John Mulaney.