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A bloodhound sits with its handler next to a best in show trophy.
Trumpet, the winner of the 146th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog show, in all his glory. Michael M. Santiago / Getty Images

Good morning, Portland! Let’s jump right into the latest happenings.

In local news:

• Seaside has started sweeping homeless campers, despite the action’s questionable legality. The beach town doesn’t have any shelters for homeless people, which means that legal precedent prohibits the city from forcing homeless people to move because the city isn’t providing any alternatives. But, a new city ordinance skirts that issue by allowing people to camp at a nearby natural area nightly as long as they are gone by 8 am the following morning. Residents are calling the sweeps a success, but it appears that the homeless people formerly in Seaside have just moved to other beachside towns that also don’t have any supportive services or affordable housing.

• Big bummer: Due to an ongoing driver shortage, TriMet will cancel two bus lines and reduce service on eight more starting in September. The agency is struggling with a historic driver shortage that’s already caused service reductions and hundreds of spontaneously canceled buses and MAX trains.

• Anybody in the market for a derelict Boeing 747?

• It’s going to be freaking hot this weekend, with highs projected in the upper 90s. While Portlanders may flock to rivers and swimming holes to cool off, health officials are urging people to use caution, especially when it comes to “cold water shock.” Jumping from nearly 100 degree heat into 50 degree water can shock a person’s system significantly and, in some cases, may be fatal. Be careful and swim with a buddy.

• Whether contrarian or just comfortable with seeming contradiction, Logan Lynn is an artist interested in turning ideas on their heads. Check out Andrew Jankowski’s convo with Lynn about designer fashion, gentrification, and addiction recovery here.

• ALERT! There are only four days left to enjoy the Mercury’s Sandwich Week. Through Sunday, June 26, get deeeeelicious $8 sammies from 30 (!) local restaurants, including several vegan and vegetarian options.

In national and international news:

• The Uvalde school district’s police chief was placed on leave Wednesday following allegations that the police response to the mass school shooting was an “abject failure.” According to state officials, there was a sufficient number of armed law enforcement officers present to stop the gunman within three minutes of him entering the school. However, officers with rifles waited in the hallway for more than an hour while the gunman massacred children in a classroom. There is no indication that the officers tried to open the classroom door while the gunman was inside.

• At least 1,000 people are dead after a 6.1-magnitude earthquake in Afghanistan early Wednesday morning. An additional 1,500 people reported injuries following the quake, which was determined to be the deadliest earthquake the country has seen in two decades. Recovery from the natural disaster is hindered by the Taliban’s takeover of the country which caused international financiers to shun the Taliban government.

• The Supreme Court struck down a New York gun control law Thursday. The law required people to demonstrate a particular need for carrying a gun in order to get a license to carry in public. The justices determined in a 6-3 vote that the law violated the Second Amendment. Six states have similar laws that are expected to be challenged following the SCOTUS ruling.

• The National Labor Relations Board is currently hearing Amazon’s objections to the union election in Staten Island to determine whether the election was fair or not. The hearing, which is being held on Zoom, has been a bit of a hot mess—people muting and unmuting at the wrong times, someone taking over the screen and using the draw feature to write ‘UNION’ over an Amazon video, and hundreds of people joining the Zoom room after the link was tweeted out. The case could last for months while Amazon calls dozens of witnesses in an attempt to prove that union organizers threatened people to vote in favor of the union and otherwise did not allow for a fair election.

• And finally, congratulations to Trumpet!