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The crowd in downtown Portland during Fridays pro-choice rally.
The crowd in downtown Portland during Friday's pro-choice rally. Alex Zielinski

Good morning, sweaty Portlanders!

- No, you didn’t just have a fever dream fueled by a sudden Portland heatwave—the federal right to obtain an abortion was overturned Friday. Here’s where each state currently stands in terms of abortion access. And allow NPR to break down some of the basics surrounding the question: “Now what?”

- As a treat, here's the news of Roe v. Wade’s passage in 1973, penned by one of my favorite journalists/wild women, Molly Ivins. “Abortion has been one of the messiest issues. Issues get to be messy not because reasonable folk disagree about them, but because irrational emotionalism infects them.”

- Thanks to state law, abortion is still very much accessible in Oregon. But the shuttering of abortion clinics across the US will surely increase demand for Oregon abortion clinic services. Here’s how state abortion advocates and civil rights leaders see Roe’s end impacting Oregon.

- On Friday evening, thousands of Portlanders took to the streets to protest the Supreme Court’s draconian ruling. My favorite sign: “You Motherfuckers.”

- The following night, some protesters smashed the windows of an anti-abortion clinic in NE Portland. Former mayor / current shadow mayor Sam Adams was displeased:

- The Supreme Court bangers haven’t stopped:This morning, the court determined that public school officials have a constitutional right to pray publicly, and lead students in prayer, during school events. In short, separation of church and state is a farce. This will surely hold up for religious minorities in the US!

- A Los Angeles police officer died after he was “repeatedly struck in the head” during a mob simulation training exercise with other police, according to his mother, who filed notice of a wrongful death lawsuit on Friday.

- Rudy Giuliani appeared to be slapped on the back of a grocery store clerk who called him a “scumbag,” an incident that led to an arrest for assault. Judging by this video of the incident, it seems like a stretch.

- A gunman killed two and injured at least ten in an Oslo bar the day of the Norwegian city’s LGBTQ+ Pride festival. The traumatic tragedy caused the city to cancel the rest of its weekend planned Pride events.

- Sanctions in Russia seem to be working: The country is set to default on its foreign debt after bond holders reported the Kremlin missed two payments late Sunday, This is the first time in more than hundred years that Russia has defaulted on its international debts, signaling that the country's economy may be starting to crumble.

- I leave you with this delightful Glastonbury performance by Olivia Rodrigo and Lily Allen to guide your week: