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Goooood morning, Portland! You made it through another unbearably hot weekend and have been awarded with... a 90-degree Monday! Ugh. Don't despair, we're headed into a week boasting very cool temperatures in the mid-80s (and maybe even a chilly 79 degrees on Thursday)! In the meantime, check on your neighbors, put water out for the crows, and be kind to yourself (heat can have an insidious impact on mental health). Here are the headlines:

- You’re not incorrect: It’s been unusually hot for an unusually long time. Yesterday was Portland’s seventh consecutive day with high temperatures at or above 95 degrees—breaking a local record set in 1981 (and before that, 1940). 

- Nine months after receiving the largest environmental fine in Oregon history, North Portland’s Malarkey Roofing has reached an agreement with state officials to reduce and monitor formaldehyde emissions at its North Portland facility in the Kenton neighborhood. Isabella Garcia has the scoop

- Friday saw the first debate between Oregon’s three candidates for governor—Christine Drazan, Betsy Johnson, and Tina Kotek. OPB digs in to the substantive discussions and divisions that arose from the conversation here. 

- Our pride/joy the Portland Timbers tied with Minnesota United 4-4 Saturday in a thrilling match. Here’s a peek:

- Flash floods in Kentucky have claimed at least 28 lives, and the number is expected to rise as rain continues to pour. The fatal weather which experts are calling a 1-in-1,000 year rain event, are forcing the state’s leaders to acknowledge that human-made climate change will forever alter the state’s environment. 

- Kansas voters will decide Tuesday whether the state’s constitution protects the right to an abortion. This is the first state-level ballot measure targeted at ending abortion crafted since the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June. 

- The parent company of hot-headed conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ InfoWars filed for bankruptcy Friday as both the company and Jones face up to $150 million in damages in a legal trial over lies he spread about the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre. 

- Hundreds of protesters in Baghdad have made camp inside the Iraqi parliament after storming the building Saturday. The protesters—followers of an influential  Shiite cleric—have pledged to remain in the building to derail efforts by Iran-backed political groups to form the country's next government. 

- A makeshift drone blew up Sunday at the headquarters of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, wounding six people. It’s assumed the drone came from Ukrainian forces. At the same time, one of Ukraine’s richest men, a grain merchant, was killed in what appeared to be a targeted Russian missile strike on his home. 

- RIP Nichelle Nichols, best known as Star Trek's communications officer Lieutenant Uhura, who brought the first interracial kiss to TV (unfortunately it was with still-alive dingus William Shatner). Let me save you that YouTube search: