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Good morning, Portland! Long live Kate Bush! I think that from now on I'm going to try to say "long live Kate Bush" instead of "hello" and "goodbye"—conversational routines that have always bored me. Long live Kate Bush! Here's the news!


• Today in Wolf News: Oregon State Patrol is investigating the circumstances under which a 2-year-old collared female wolf was shot and left on the embankment of a wilderness backroad. Oregon Wildlife Coalition is offering an $11,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the shooting.

• I did not know that Oregon had wild horse gangs, but I am delighted to learn this is the case. OPB reports that the Bureau of Land Management wants to give some of the horses contraception because the WILD HORSE GANGS ARE INCREASING (Yes! How could this not be good?). Some "horse advocates"—a designation I wish I could claim—don't want to put the horses on the pill.

How do you write about Burger Week without writing about Burger Week? Well, if you're the Portland Business Journal you—apropos of nothing—poll your readers on Portland's best burger? No reason! The Portland Mercury doesn't own burgers, but we do have some suggestions.


• Hot is the new plague, and we couldn't agree more. Is that too flippant a tone for Monday's Lancet Planetary Health study? It warns that, across the globe, hotter nighttime temperatures could cause a 60 percent rise in human mortality.

• VIDEO HAS EMERGED of Fiona the Hippo's new baby brother. Fiona's mother, Bibi the Hippo, delivered her 60-pound calf last Wednesday, August 3. If you have had a closely guarded hippo baby name for most of your life, this is your chance to use it; the Cincinnati Zoo is still accepting suggestions. Let the wiggling commence:

• If you want to know more about the Inflation Reduction Act, but don't actually want to read very many words, the Washington Post's TikTok crew have been unspooling the act's many foibles and fortunes, via a series of videos.

• And now I give you deescalation at its finest:


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