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Good Morning, Portland! Long Live Kate Bush! 


• In a statement that surely could have used some elaboration, the Grant County Sheriff's Office announced that a man initially believed to be plotting a mass shooting at the Gorge Amiptheater did not (?) harbor such a plan—despite witnesses saying they saw the man inhale an unknown substance from a balloon, load two 9mm pistols from the trunk of his car, then ask around about what time the concert ended and where concertgoers would leave.

• The mayor's camping ban, MAPPED:

• A high school teacher in Southern Oregon, Luke Ovgard, recently gained a unique global distinction—he's the sixth person in the world to catch 1,000 different species of fish. You can listen to a brief interview with him on yesterday's Think Out Loud and see a photo of him holding a Yelloweyed Rockfish, which does not look like a real fish.


• Today Ukraine celebrates its Independence Day with anxious vigilance, as their intelligence warns the invasion forces from Russia will attempt something Ukrainian President President Volodymyr Zelensky described as, "particularly nasty, particularly cruel.” The war has been rolling over human life for six months now. This morning, President Biden pledged another 3 billion in aid and fresh military hardware.

• Today, President Biden is expected to announce a decision about how much and through what avenues federal loan debt will be forgiven. I had planned to include that info in this blast, but oh wait, there it is:

• While I scorn stories that find the silver lining in severe, global hotten-caused drought, NEW DINOSAUR TRACKS thought to be 113 million years old were uncovered in a dried Texas riverbed. Most of the tracks appear to be from Acrocanthosauruses—which as an adult would likely stand 15 feet tall and weigh seven tons.

• I love my job, but it's wild that I haven't even had time to watch House of the Dragon this week. I guess this is growing up.

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