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Good morning, Portland! And a very warm Los Espookys Season 2, to those who celebrate. Okay, I guess we should get to the news!


• On the 79th night of Portland's racial justice protests, Erin Wenzel says that a police officer “ran at her and violently slammed into her with a nightstick,” causing her to break her arm and suffer injuries to her wrist, face, and torso. Wenzel's lawsuit is the first 2020-protest-related civil suit, alleging excessive violence by Portland police, to reach a jury, and its outcome is being watched closely.

• ICYMI: City Council candidate Rene Gonzalez sent a letter yesterday, asking the city to reconsider the fine his campaign received after they were found to be renting office space from Portland businessman Jordan Schnitzer at a 96 percent discount. News Editor Alex Zielinski reports.

• Should Portland have a comics museum downtown? Several of your favorite local comics professionals think so.

• Have you been seeing posters around town of wings in the shape of lightning bolts? That genius imagery is the traditional visual call of the Portland Mercury's Wing Week—which starts NEXT WING, I mean, WEEK.

• If you manage to reconcile with your wife—after she fucked your best friend—how do you navigate your now non-monog marriage where she keeps making you feel bad about hook ups? In this week's Savage Love, Dan takes it back to basics.


• Weather forecasters upgraded Hurricane Ian to a Category 4 storm overnight, and it may reach Category 5 levels before it makes landfall this afternoon—along the coast of Florida, south of Tampa. Keep Florida Man in your thoughts.

• Lots of abortion news this morning. Associated Press reports California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed more than a dozen abortion bills into law yesterday—some of which directly oppose laws in other states. Among them is a bill to block out-of-state subpoenas and a ban on police departments from cooperating with out-of-state investigations.

• The New York Times has an interesting financial piece about the varied expenses of out-of-state abortion healthcare travel. I like finance stuff, but it also might assail the ramparts of your friends and uncles who experience moderate to significant empathy challenges. In this house, we love to assail the idealogical ramparts.

• A cool video of Italian cyclist Michael Guerra planking is making its way around social media, once again. It's likely from 2017, or around when Guerra's sponsors Danfne Fixed originally uploaded the footage. You will see news stories today that make it sound like it's new; they will contain bare facts and mostly adjectives.