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GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND!  What's up, Friday? You can expect a rainy day today and tomorrow with highs in the low 40s, but the sun will peek out on Sunday. Now let's peek at some NEWS.


• As you undoubtedly heard, the illegal psilocybin (which I spelled correctly on the very first shot 💅) shop, Shroom House, was busted by the cops yesterday who confiscated all the magic mushrooms, as well as all the businesses records—you know, like the information of customers who rushed to shop there. If you are one of those people, are you in trouble? According to the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office... probably not? “[The business] is under investigation," the office told the O. "That’s not to say the individuals who shopped there are under investigation, but the whole operation is under investigation.” So don't do anything stupid like swallowing all your shrooms at once!

• I hate to say "I told you so," but... wait. What am I saying? I love to say, "I TOLD YOU SO!"

• A group of Black Portlanders are filing a civil rights lawsuit against the City of Portland and Legacy Emanuel hospital for “using undue influence and intimidation to remove plaintiffs from their family homes based on their race” in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. This classic act of business-inspired racism has never been effectively addressed... so will the Black families who lost their homes and generational wealth finally get what they're due? Our Alex Zielinski has the story.

• Oregon’s top epidemiologist, Dr. Dean Sidelinger, is joining the chorus of hospital officials and begging you to cut the shit and WEAR YER DAMN MASK in crowded public situations due to the overwhelming number of RSV cases in kids that's swamping hospitals. And while that number seems to be stabilizing, there's a concerning rise in nasty flu and COVID cases... so, once more with feeling, WEAR YER DAMN MASK!

• Remember that electrical grid in North Carolina that was attacked last Saturday, leaving thousands without power? An OPB investigation revealed that electrical grids in Oregon and Western Washington has been physically attacked at least six times (!!) since mid-November. YIKES.

• Say, looking for the perfect gift (for someone else or yourself)? Well, how about TICKETS? Preferably tickets to see the 2023 edition of the HUMP! film festival or the triumphant return of the Undisputable Geniuses of Comedy—featuring the best of the best of Portland's talented stand-up scene all on one stage! Ooh, such a good idea.


• Obstructionist oddball Sen. Kyrsten Sinema announced she is leaving the Democratic party and will register as an independent. (She assumes this will help her get reelected since she's widely viewed as a goddamn traitor to the party.) What does that move mean for the Dem's Senate majority? As long as she's not caucusing with the Republicans, we should be okay... but who knows what that ding-dong is gonna do?

• After being freed from Russian detention following a one-to-one prisoner trade for arms dealer Viktor Bout, WNBA star Brittney Griner has been safely returned to her family in San Antonio.

• Good news: A bill that would protect same-sex AND interracial marriages has sailed through congress and is heading toward the desk of... DARK BRANDON. (Who will sign it, of course.) Note: Only 39 Republicans voted for it. 🤨


• The former Minneapolis cop who was kneeling on the back of George Floyd as another officer crushed his neck is facing a probable sentence today of 3.5 years in the slammer for a charge of aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter.

• And finally... if you're looking for a new hobby, well, here is a new hobby.