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Good Morning, Portland! This week's winter weather has already been truly off the chain, but the NWS says to hold onto your boots. The Pacific Northwest is about to plunge into an "atmospheric river" that may bring even more rain, snow, and ice.

• Portland's Pride celebration has taken place at the end of June for nearly 50 years. But yesterday Pride Northwest announced it's moving the parade and waterfront festivities to July! We immediately called Poison Waters to ask if that was okay.

• Roughly a third of my friends are currently sick with a COVID-19 redux or another RSV. And a similar number (thankfully with very few overlaps) are currently without power. KOIN reports that more than 150,000 customers in Oregon and Southwest Washington were without power Tuesday evening.

• Holy crap, yesterday's wild winds ripped part of the roof off the Barbur Boulevard Park and Ride in Southwest Portland. KATU reports:

• Who's ready for a boring bridge story? I love history, but can you believe OPB has so much flippin' money that this is what they devote their time to? On the other hand, history is fascinating + fun: "Mayors of both cities symbolized the merger of their communities by officiating at a mock wedding held on the new bridge." WE DEMAND A REENACTMENT. GENDER IS A CONSTRUCT.

• What we love about this "Best Bites of 2022" column is that food critic Andrea Damewood gives love to all dishes who are deserving—be they a 12-course collaborative prix fixe meal at Cafe Rowan or the outstanding hummus at Bluto's:

• A deadly snow storm struck Buffalo, New York with force, burying the city and surrounding Erie County under 52 inches of snow! That's amazing—but terrible because the storm came with a tremendous and tragic death toll: 34 people, so far. The county has brought in state and military police to enforce an emergency ban on driving in Buffalo.

• The Supreme Court dashed the dreams of hopeful migrants at the US southern border yesterday, halting a trial judge's attempt at lifting Trump- / pandemic-era restrictions Title 42:

Word problem: If a third of my friends have an RSV and another third are without power, what percentage of my friends' luggage is lost thanks to airline chaos? Southwest Airlines has no idea. 

• Oooh New York Times, you're singing my song.

• Those Unreal Keanu Reeves videos are deepfakes!

@mediawise Has Keanu Reeves really made the jump from the Matrix and John Wick to weird viral TikToks? MediaWise teen fact-checker Sophia shows you how to figure out if a video you see online is real or a #deepfake. Deepfake videos, images, and audio that use artificial intelligence can be very convincing. But spreading realistic fake videos of political figures can have dire consequences for national security and democracy, and people can be blackmailed or have their reputations damaged. Even when the intent is harmless, a lot of people can be fooled. Are you a teacher? Check out our FREE one-hour lesson plans made in collaboration with PBS Student Reporting Labs. In this lesson, we learn about the different types of “deepfake” techniques, how to identify fake videos created by artificial intelligence and the positive and negative uses of the technology. Find more videos and lesson plans at the link in bio. #AI #medialiteracy #tiktokforgood #tiktokpartner #teachertok ♬ original sound - MediaWise