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Good Morning, Portland! If it snows in Portland today I will eat a bug (no larger than an inch and non-poisonous). If Trump is actually arrested in the next week I will eat a bug (could be poisonous, but no more than a tummy ache plz). Now, let's bet on the news!

• Last night, the family and friends of Walter Cole announced the man who created Darcelle XV and owned Darcelle XV Showplace had died of natural causes at age 92. As Darcelle, Cole reigned as the world’s oldest drag queen and laid groundwork for Portland’s drag art scene. For the Mercury, culture writer Andrew Jankowski describes Cole's icon status and some of the many ways Cole helped make the city a more accepting place.

• Oregon legislators have a bill in the works that would protect people seeking reproductive and gender-affirming medical care, as well as doctors providing the services. Read Isabella Garcia's breakdown of House Bill 2002.

• Farm music fest Pickathon announced its lineup for 2023, sustaining its undiminished reputation for curating a bill that even the vinyl-hardened audiences of Portland can appreciate and be surprised by.

• People really loved this dick-shaped Tualatin shrub story in the Oregonian this week. I just want to point out that Southeast Portland has cat shrubs. You may make the jokes on your own time.

• On a recent episode of “Office Ladies,” podcast, comedian-actor Will Ferrell praised Portland's neighborhoods, calling the city "a little hidden gem. Well, maybe not so hidden now, but Portland’s great.” We'll take it.

• Today in the hardened hearts of your anonymous sources, three unnamed "neighbors" near Normandale Park told FOX 12 they view the memorial for June Knightly—a woman shot and killed in a February 2022 mass shooting—as "the source for a lot of crime that has increased over the last year."

• This is a longread, but an absolute "Portland man" ride.

• OH, IT IS FRIDAY, BY THE WAY, and you know that means new tickets are dropping for upcoming shows.

• The New York Times reports that sixteen young Montanans joined up with an environmental legal organization to sue their state over climate change—relying on language in the state constitution that guarantees “the right to a clean and healthful environment” for residents and which charges the state's residents with the responsibility of maintaining the environment for future generations.

• Also in blame:

• This morning, the New York Times reported that former President Trump predicted “potential death and destruction” if he is charged for his connections to the hush-money payments made to a porn star Stormy Daniels in 2016, during his presidential campaign. And that's not even the classified documents thing. This morning House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries warned that Trump's rhetoric could “get someone killed.”

• Actor Pedro Pascal appeared on Hot Ones last week and—while the show can be kind of meh when there are meh guests—Pascal is worth watching all the way through. "Did you ever see The Fly? Am I talking really loud?" Pascal yells during one spicy moment.