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GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! It’s Thursday, April 13 and you can expect a gloomy-ish day with a high of 52 and a low of 38. But don’t worry, Friday calls for a bit of sunshine to ease you into the weekend. 🌤


• On Tuesday, lawyers for the son of Robert Delgado announced a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Portland and a Portland police officer who shot and killed Delgado in 2021. The lawsuit cites the police bureau’s history of using force against people in mental distress. The plaintiff said he hopes the family’s legal complaint will bring more transparency and a change in the bureau’s investigation policies.

• Police may have been criticized by the Delgado family’s attorneys, but on Wednesday morning they were revered by Mayor Ted Wheeler for a massive raid of a recently publicized fentanyl den downtown. The property is now in severe disrepair and was recently the site of several drug overdoses and arrests. Of note: No one was found in the building.

• That same afternoon, City Commissioner Mingus Mapps proposed cutting millions in cannabis revenues to Reimagine Oregon, a local organization aimed at dismantling systemic racism through policies that benefit Black communities. 

• Over in Gresham, a couple was caught with hundreds of stolen apartment keys after they were arrested in a stolen car. Creeeeepy!

• If you haven’t heard, the one-day only Bicycle Film Fest is coming to Portland next week! The fest will feature an array of diverse films about cyclists, from a New York City-based food delivery driver, a blind bike mechanic in Iran, an Olympian and a Native teen bringing the first Enduro race to the Navajo Nation. Snag tickets here.

• Bikes aren’t your thing? Then get plugged in to Jenni Moore’s roundup of the best new music in this week’s Hear in Portland


• Memphis has a new ordinance that effectively ends police stops for minor traffic violations after Tyre Nichols was fatally beaten by Memphis police officers following a traffic stop there in January.

• A federal appeals court decision put part of a Texas judge’s ruling barring access to the abortion pill Mifepristone on hold. The ruling means the pill will remain available, but with heavy restrictions, including requirements for in-person doctor visits to obtain it.

• The U.N. reports the first quarter of 2023 has been the deadliest for migrants crossing the Central Mediterranean into Europe since 2017. In less than a decade, more than 20,000 people have disappeared or died.

• And…WTF is going on in Missouri?!