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Good Morning, Portland! What a week. You're not the only person who walked out of the house without an extra pair of socks and spent an entire day with damp toes. There's good news: The near-unending deluge of rain seems to be at a close. We may have some light showers around Sunday, but, for the most part, we're looking at sun and 70-degree weather next week.

• After more than a year-long stalemate, Portland Police will begin wearing cameras to record interactions. Read more in the story, which dropped early this morning courtesy of Mercury News Editor Courtney Vaughn.

• Another late-breaking bit from yesterday: The local bar owners behind recent dive restorations like the Vern and Sandy Hut have purchased another iconic dive. Which one is it? Spin the wheel, motherfuckers!

• A story which dropped yesterday, in the vein of sticking it to the motherfuckers:

• It's kind of nuts how borderline-cheerful this newsblast is today.

• Speaking of the momentary defeat of cartoonish villains who we wish would fucking shape up and become complicated anti heroes, Portland City Council walked back a proposal to withdraw funding from a Black-led racial equity and social justice organization focused on public policy and accountability, after they realized that the nonprofit was not actually NOT SPENDING the money allocated to them—they hadn't fucking RECEIVED IT. INCREDIBLE. How do these motherfuckers look at themselves in the morning. Probably they do it while they're supposed to be researching the goddamn proposals.

• Just because Urban Alchemy sounds like the name of your coworker's candle-making hustle that he does while quiet quitting and working from home, doesn't mean we shouldn't take the California-based shelter operator that the City contracted to operate Portland's temporary, congregate shelter sites seriously. Courtney Vaughn has the explainer.

• People are still trying to make a river ferry a thing and, like, okay.

• Have you been eagerly awaiting new work from Portland-based singer-songwriter Haley Heynderickx? WELL, she played new songs at her solo show, on April 14. For the Mercury, Rose Wong wrote the recap.

• SPEAKING OF SHOWS, it is flippin' Friday and you know what that means: Ticket drops! Our calendar team has the list of the shows going on sale this morning.

Let's get back into the realm of national news with some cartoonish villainy.

• The Supreme Court is expected to decide on whether a single federal judge—whom the NYT reports is a Trump appointee and a longtime opponent of abortion—should be able to overturn the power of the Food and Drug Administration. Ostensibly this is a decision about an abortion pill, mifepristone, but it's actually about so much more (although, probably still really about controlling people who can get pregnant). Anyway, as it stands right now, they only have until midnight to figure it the fuck out. Although, they could also just extend the pause again, presumably.

• Last weekend, certain pockets of social media exploded with recordings of people shouting about the new Ari Aster film Beau Is Afraid:

• I honestly couldn't agree more with this tweet, though. I AM INTRIGUED.

• The Mercury has a review of the film, wherein Chase Hutchinson calls Ari Aster’s "most unchill film" a darkly absurdist cinematic farce where (amidst quite a lot of dicking around) the joke is really on all of us. It sort of depends how much you value your life—I might see it.

• And now your energy for the weekend:


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