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GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Note to the guy in Clackamas County with the "Liberals Stay In Multnomah County" bumper sticker: I think it should say "Liberals Stay Out of Clackamas County" instead, because your current one makes it sound like "liberals enjoy living in Multnomah County"—which we do. Or maybe it should say, "We desperately need competent bumpers sticker writers in Clackamas County"? JUST A THOUGHT.


• If you've been waiting to fill out your May 16 election ballot until the Mercury weighed in with their picks... you're in luck, because our endorsements have arrived! And unlike certain other publications, they were NOT written by organizations who belong to the Portland Business Alliance (if that's something you care about). READ 'EM, THEY'RE GREAT!

• Oh, and yet ANOTHER reason you should abide by the Mercury's endorsements:

• It appears that far-right activist Ammon Bundy—from Oregon's Malheur Refuge standoff—has started yet another standoff... this time in his home after refusing to comply with court orders regarding an Idaho hospital defamation lawsuit. Bundy has been ignoring the judge's demands, filed trespassing charges against folks trying to deliver legal documents, and called upon his followers to camp out at his place to protect him from being arrested for... what amounts to a misdemeanor? (Bundy: "I choose to die on this extremely tiny hill!")

• The dog that is suspected to have mauled a Portland jogger and injured a poodle has been found and impounded by Animal Services, three weeks after the attack. The DA's office will now decide whether they'll file charges against the dog's owner.

• IN THE WEATHER REPORT: Looks like a cloudy, cool, showery day with highs only reaching 62—but hand-wash those thongs, because sunny temperatures begin their return tomorrow and will hit the low 90s by this weekend! ☀️


• A gunman who murdered 8 people at a Dallas, Texas-area mall before being killed by police is suspected to have held—try to contain your shock—white supremacist and neo-Nazi views. (And if one needs more proof, a patch on the dead shooter's vest read "RWDS," or "Right Wing Death Squad.")

• Possibly (probably?) related: Meanwhile, a person has been arrested in Brownville, Texas for driving his SUV up onto the sidewalk and into a crowd of migrant workers who were waiting for a bus, killing eight. Officials are investigating whether it was an accident or intentional. 

• Welp, as suspected, the US has hit its debt ceiling, meaning there's very little time left for negotiations before the country heads into default as soon as June 1. President Biden and Republican obstructionist-in-chief Kevin McCarthy are expected to meet for talks this week. 


• Attorneys on both sides are scheduled to give their closing arguments today in E. Jean Carroll's rape case trial against Donald Trump—who, perhaps tellingly, chose not to testify in his defense. 

• And finally... Mondays, amirite?