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GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Hopefully you were able to enjoy a long Memorial Day weekend. If not, can I interest you in the gorgeous, not too hot, mostly sunny weather this week? Today’s high is 72 with a low of 46


  • Portland City Council is expected to vote this Wednesday on a camping ban ordinance that would prohibit tents and sleeping bags (and pretty much every aspect of being homeless) from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in public spaces like sidewalks and parks, and within 250 feet of schools, childcare centers, high-crash corridors (looking at you–future inner Southeast temporary alternative mass shelter!) and a bevy of other spots. The ban would take effect July 1. If approved, staffers in the mayor’s office say enforcement will start with “education” and include two warnings before the city’s police force starts fining people up to $100 or throwing them in jail for up to 30 days. Critics note putting people in jail for being homeless is not only ineffective, it worsens their chances of ever being able to find permanent housing with a criminal record.
  • Speaking of the region’s homeless crisis, earlier this month, the Peninsula Crossing Safe Rest Village was unveiled. The city reports the village is already full, serving 67 people at the 60-pod village. As the Mercury reported, tracking the success of the village pod model is difficult, in part because data on the sites makes it hard to tell how many people have transitioned to stable housing. The city says future data available on the Safe Rest Village dashboard will include more specificity on the outcomes of village occupants. 
  • Since we’re already on this change and transparency train, let’s add another stop! Hundreds of nonprofit workers are asking Multnomah County and the city of Portland to budget for better wages in their contracts with nonprofit social service providers. In short, groups say they sometimes struggle to offer critical services because of substandard wages, fueled by the need to bid low on contracts with the city and county. Many social service workers are dangerously close to needing the same assistance services they’re paid to provide. 

  • Last week, KATU reported exceptionally long wait times for 911 service in Portland and KGW found that the victim of a hit-and-run crash died while waiting 32 minutes for an ambulance. It’s a recurring problem that has left the region with “level zero” coverage, meaning no ambulances available to respond to emergencies.
  • If all this thinking about public policy, change and solutions has worked up your appetite, SAVE IT because the return of Sandwich Week is just around the corner! 


  • With just days to go, Rep. Kevin McCarthy and President Biden have reached a deal on the U.S. debt ceiling, which now needs approval from Congress. Republicans and Democrats are both counting the deal as a compromise and a win. Among the provisions is an increase in work requirements for people receiving federal food assistance (SNAP benefits) and decreased funding for the I.R.S.
  • Elizabeth Holmes is scheduled to report to prison today. The former billionaire was convicted of defrauding investors who poured hundreds of millions into Theranos, her breakthrough blood-testing start-up company that was later determined to rely on faulty technology. Inmates say they’re excited for her arrival. 

  • In the wake of 12 equestrian deaths over the last month, the Kentucky Derby will convene an emergency meeting with its oversight organization. Hopefully the meeting results in everyone coming to their senses and realizing the sport of horse racing is cruel and unnecessary. There are plenty of other things to be entertained by.
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  • Russia is continuing its airstrikes, launching missiles in continued attacks on Ukraine, hitting the capital of Kyiv. The Ukranian air force reports shooting down a majority of Russian cruise missiles and drones, but Ukranian civilians have been killed in the latest bombings. 

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