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Good Morning, Portland! Have you ever loved some sandwich so much it made you cry? Have you ever loved an $8 sandwich so much you can't sleep at night? Have you ever? Have you ever? (It's the Mercury's Sandwich Week through Sunday—you bread-noshing freaks.)

• It is drizzlin'! Despite weather models that showed low to no precipitation through mid-June Portland skies binged some tearjerkers yesterday and she rained... measurably. Conditions might be slick this morning because there's too much oil everywhere—just everywhere. The Oregonian reports that the weekend looks dry but so did today so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

• Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson—his organization being informally known as the baby Proud Boys or your local homegrown hate-mongers—is suing "Portland, Multnomah County, Mayor Ted Wheeler and District Attorney Mike Schmidt, as well as Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell, former Chiefs Jami Resch and Danielle Outlaw, two prosecutors and the detective who handled the case" for "unspecified damages," the Oregonian reports. His lawyer alleges that all the people / places in that extremely wide net "orchestrated the charges to suppress Gibson’s rallies, which frequently spiraled into left-versus-right street fights." Not like y'all went out there weekly to start fights—cool mannish accountability for your actions, Joey. 

• Ever since the city of Portland granted a land use permit to oil transport company Zenith Energy last fall, climate activists have called on the city to reverse course once again. This weekend they're back in their kayaks. Catch up on the situation with Mercury News Reporter Taylor Griggs.

• Gov. Tina Kotek dropped a request to add a 50 cent additional surcharge to the sale of bottles of alcohol in Oregon on Wednesday, saying that due to recent revenue forecasts the added tax was no longer needed. She had originally requested it to add funds to addiction services.

• Are YOU or do YOU KNOW two men in Wyoming who got too close to a calf? Rat these motherfuckers out to the Rangers at Grand Teton National Park. My desire for schadenfreude is through the roof. NOBODY gets to close to baby (calf)!

• Your local movie houses may or may not have actually agreed to be on the list of theaters currently accepting MoviePass 2.0, but—much like the original launch—they're along for the ride anyway. Read Robert Ham's breakdown of the benefits and bummers of MoviePass' return.

• IF YOU ARE CURIOUS ABOUT THE CHART BELOW, check out Wm. Steven Humprehy's weekly Pop Quix PDX for completely subjective questions and answers about both topical and bizarre recent headlines!

• As prophesied in our music column this week, Janelle Monae tickets are on sale for her show at RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater 😑. Find out about the other shows going on sale this morning via this ticket alert list, written up by our Everout calendar team.

• Perhaps you heard? Former President Donald Trump has been indicted again. There are seven counts this time, including obstruction, conspiracy, and doing big big lies.

• The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Alabama must redraw its congressional districts, agreeing that Republican-drawn districts discriminated against Black voters by diluting the voting power of Black Alabamans. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh surprisingly voted to support the decision.

• Oh, this is exciting! A documentary about Aubrey Gordon and her bestselling first novel What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About Fat premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival yesterday.

• Today in weirdly blaming Canada for its own wildfires, when the entire world is too hot:

• And now for the most appropriate reaction video I have ever seen. Everything we were doing until now has led to this:

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