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GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Looks like another somewhat cloudy day with occasional sunbreaks, with the high topping out at 77—and the rain that's been threatening to drop seems destined to arrive on Thursday. So I hope you're happy, summer haters! (Meanwhile I'll be sobbing into my thong.) Now let's sob into some NEWS!


• Monday is Labor Day... so let's talk LABOR, shall we? Adjunct professors at PSU—who don't receive health insurance or retirement benefits—are pushing back against college management for higher pay, saying that the work they're putting in (which saves the college a lot of money) isn't reflected in their wages, and they should be getting the same amount as full-time teaching staff. Our Taylor Griggs has the story!

• In other pre-Labor Day news: Burgerville workers are accusing management of illegally retaliating against union organizers, adding that during a recent one-day strike, the company hired a bunch of temporary scabs and paid them significantly more than what they paid regular workers. Needless to say, contract negotiations are not going well. Our Abe Asher has those details and more.

• It's the first day of the new school year for many Portland students, including my daughter who's entering the 8th grade... and MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON OUR COLLECTIVE SOULS. 😬😭💀

• Two Washington County public defenders (and the only two of color) are suing the county for what they call blatant systemic racist behavior from the prosecutors, judges, and Sheriff’s deputies they encounter on a daily basis.


Hurricane Idalia slammed into the Florida coast a few hours ago, bringing with it maximum sustained winds that reached almost 125 mph, and submerging most of downtown Cedar Key, Florida. More than 242,000 people across the state are currently without power and witnessing flooded streets and snapped trees. While the storm has been downgraded, it's now entered Georgia where winds are still dangerously high at 105 mph, and could create dangerous flooding and storm surges into South Carolina.

• Dark Brandon is at it again: President Biden is audaciously proposing a new rule that would make 3.6 million more workers, who earn less than $55,000 per year, eligible for overtime pay—currently the threshold is a meager $35,568 per year, which means this increase will almost certainly make the greedy capitalist class lose their got-damned minds.

• A military airfield deep inside of Russia was attacked and bombed by Ukrainian drones yesterday, making it the largest such attack against Putin's military since the leader started the war nearly two years ago.

• Self-owning headline of the day: "Trump tells Glenn Beck he’d ‘lock up’ political opponents if reelected." (Not if we get you first! 😂)

• And finally... I swear I thought this was Macklemore.