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GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Get ready for a cloudy start to your week, with temps inching up to 76 today and slowly climbing throughout the week until we top out at 90 by next Saturday! Sorry, summer-haters: It ain't going away yet! Here's another thing that never goes away... THE NEWS.


• For those Oregon governing bodies who have been trying to convene public meetings without properly inviting and informing citizens what they'll be discussing—WATCH OUT! The state government has passed new legislation that will update and toughen up existing laws, to insure that city councils and other public officials across Oregon adhere to full transparency. OH, and speaking of less than full transparency... OOF! 👇

• It's official: The Nike Factory Outlet store on Northeast MLK—which has been closed for nearly a year—will not be reopening, dealing a devastating blow to the local Black business community. Portland civil rights activist Ron Herndon (who helped bring the store to MLK back in the 1980s) had this to say: “I think this is a failure of leadership at City Hall ... I just believe folks at City Hall don’t have the skill or creativity to address major issues that impact not only the Black community but all of Portland.” Hello! It's also because City Council is too busy bending over backwards to cater to the greedy needs of rich downtown developers/business owners to help anyone else in our very large city.

• Portland Public Schools Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero sent out an email on Friday warning parents that teachers within the school system could possibly be going on strike as soon as late October. The teachers are negotiating for better wages, classroom temperatures, and more time to plan for their classes. 

• Speaking of striking: Dancers at the Magic Tavern strip club in Northwest Portland are unionizing following claims that the management hasn't listened to their cries for safer working conditions, which include a lack of security, gas leaks, uneven floors, and even a pole that was improperly installed. They are the second strip club in the nation to form a union.

• It started as an off-the-cuff idea and then became intensely serious and thoroughly considered... just like a horoscope piece should be. Don't miss this funny (and very informational) guide to local film fests called "An Astrological Guide to Portland’s Film Festival Scene"—it's part of our excellent Fall Arts Guide, on the streets NOW!


• Nearly 2,500 people have died in the devastating 6.8-magnitude quake that hit Morocco, and still the country's government is only accepting a limited amount of outside rescue aid, infuriating citizens who are still pulling loved ones out of the rubble.

• North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un will be traveling to meet with Vladimir Putin in Russia, where they are expected to discuss getting help from North Korea in fighting Putin's war against Ukraine.

• FDA approval of the latest COVID booster is expected within the next few days, just in time to pair it with your autumn flu shot. The new booster will target the XBB.1.5 strain which is behind the rise of COVID infections this summer, and could stave off a winter surge of nastiness and potential death if enough people get their shot. So when it's your turn... GET IT.

• Today in "about goddamn time": After weeks of pressure, creepy Spanish soccer federation president Luis Rubiales has announced he will step down from his post after kissing soccer star Jenni Hermoso without consent following her team's World Cup win last month.


• Billionaire crybaby Elon Musk sadly confirmed that he has had a third child with pop singer Grimes, who they have named (wait for it...) "Tau Techno Mechanicus." (This borders on child abuse... right?)

• And finally... here's hoping your grand schemes for this week go exactly as planned.