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GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! I hope you’re finding ways to pumpkin Spice Up Your Life on this drizzly fall day. Today, we can expect a high temp of 62, with guaranteed rain. 🌧 🎃 

In Local News:

  • The family of Immanueal Clark-Johnson, the 30-year-old unarmed man who was fatally shot by Portland Police in November 2022, is likely to sue the city of Portland, unless a settlement is reached. Johnson, who was Black, was killed after police mistook his vehicle for one involved in an attempted robbery, before they received a description of the suspects, who were white. Clark-Johnson was fired on with an AR-15 as he ran from police. 
    The Oregon Justice Resource Center announced the potential litigation Monday afternoon. Though a grand jury found the incident didn’t warrant criminal charges for Officer Chris Sathoff, attorneys representing Clark-Johnson’s family urged the city to reach a settlement with the family, noting several missteps by police. “Mr. ClarkJohnson posed no threat to police, yet lost his life at 30 because of Officer Sathoff’s unfounded assumptions about Mr. Clark-Johnson’s guilt and dangerousness.” 

  • In the wake of $12.5 million in high-dollar bonuses planned for OHSU employees, including some of its top administrators, more than 2,000 OHSU employees have signed a petition against the big payouts. Two unions representing thousands of OHSU nurses and other workers organized the petition. OHSU has since announced its executive vice presidents, which would have received nearly 16% of their salaries, aren't eligible. The planned bonuses came as the health care organization narrowly averted a nurses strike last week, over compensation and other issues.
  • Cool news: there's a solar eclipse happening this weekend. Lame news: The best viewing spots will be outside Portland. This Saturday morning, an annular solar eclipse is expected to start at 9:15 am, but the big show will be over in about nine minutes. As noted on the Great American Eclipse website (yes, there is a whole dang website for these events!) "Cities inside the path are Corvallis, Eugene, Roseburg, Coos Bay, Medford, and Klamath Falls." Oregon coastal cities are also expected to have good views. Here is your reminder not to stare at the sun, even during an eclipse.
  • If the news cycle’s got you down, allow us to cheer you up with a night of interactive game show comedy hosted by Arlo Weierhauser and Kate Murphy, with one of my personal favorite comedians, Kyle Kinane. I know it’s risky to publicly throw your support behind white guys in comedy these days, but here I am, doin’ it anyway! Don’t miss this Wednesday’s Two Evils show live at the Siren Theater. All you need is $15 for a ticket, and a cell phone to participate in the live audience portion (or leave that Jitterbug at home if you're too shy to tango, who cares?!)

In National/World News:

  • By now, you're probably aware that a brutal war has broken out in Gaza, following an attack on Israel by Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement better known as a Palestinian militant political group. Israel has responded with aggressive air strikes
  • Ecologists are blaming lights that were left on during evening hours at Chicago convention center McCormick Place for the deaths of about 1,000 migratory birds. The building, which is mostly made of glass, is used to dealing with dead birds each year due to the building's construction, but this year marked more avian fatalities than ever, sadly.
  • President Biden was interviewed recently about his retention of classified documents, as part of an ongoing investigation. As Politico notes, it's the latest headache for Biden, who is facing sharp criticism as he tries to manage overlapping crises that are testing his leadership.
  • Idaho was eager to ban abortions, but an investigation shows it also stripped its postpartum health care benefits, turned down federal grants and let other supports for pregnancies languish.

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