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GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Hey, laff lovers! Be sure to get your tickets ASAP for the next hilarious edition of TWO EVILS—the live game show hosted by Arlo Weierhauser and Kate Murphy, which pits you (the audience) against a super funny guest comedian (this time, Lez Stand Up's Kirsten Kuppenbender) for the chance to win fabbo prizes! It's going down on Wednesday, November 8, so don't be left out of the fun! And now, let's also not leave you out of all the fun you can have with today's NEWS! 😑


• Many in Portland's Jewish community have been calling for a ceasefire as thousands of Palestinian civilians continue to be killed by Israeli military forces in Gaza, while others are condemning the ferocity of the attack but can't see Israel returning to what they call "the status quo." Our Abe Asher talked to folks on both sides of the debate in this smart, educational report.

• As we've reported, it looks like Portland Public School teachers are heading for a strike this Wednesday, November 1, and according to a new poll, a majority of Oregonians are supporting the teachers decision. (Note: This majority does not include the almost-always wrong Oregonian Editorial Board who, while agreeing that the state needs to step in with more funds, thinks that the teachers should suck it up and wait an eternity if necessary for that to happen. Sidenote: The Oregonian Editorial Board will always choose capitalism over working Oregonians.)

• The Hollywood Transit Center—a major Northeast Portland transportation hub—is getting a big, fancy makeover, with plans to improve transportation access, more retail options, and most importantly, a new housing development containing more than 200 "permanently affordable" units. Our Taylor Griggs has the details.

• Inspired by what turned out to be a disappointing visit to Powell's, author Alicia Roth Weigel penned her memoir, Inverse Cowgirl, so the massive bookstore would have at least one book on the topic of intersex identity. A bit confused about what that means? Check out the Mercury's illuminating interview with this fascinating author.

• And just in time for Halloween, here I am introducing some of the best stories from last week! (Hmmm... I'm just realizing I probably should've put on some concealer.)

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•  Lots of worker news today, with the United Auto Workers reaching a tentative deal with GM to end their walk-out. They are the last union of the big three automakers to reach an agreement with management, thereby ending the industry-wide strike.

• Israel continues its vicious assault on Gaza with an intensified ground attack and even more airstrikes—some coming perilously close to packed hospitals—as President Biden may be starting to regret his early overwhelming support of Israel's government, and is now asking them to consider a two-state government after the war is over (that is, if a ceasefire occurs before Gaza and its inhabitants are wiped off the map). Meanwhile, hostage negotiations have reportedly stalled after Israel refused to meet Hamas demands to allow fuel deliveries into Gaza.

• Meanwhile in Trump World: While the former president (and always criminal) still holds a commanding lead for the Republican nomination according to a new Iowa poll, the case over whether or not he will even be on the ballot in Colorado—for violating the Insurrection Act—begins today. This is going down as a US district judge has reinstated Trump's gag order after temporarily pausing it, because... you guessed it... the wanna-be dictator simply cannot help uttering false, disparaging remarks about prosecutors while also attempting to intimidate witnesses.

• Extremely sad news: Actor Matthew Perry—best known as the hilariously sarcastic Chandler Bing on the sitcom Friends—has died at the age of 54. He reportedly drowned in his hot tub, though coroners are holding off from declaring the exact cause of death pending upcoming toxicology reports.

• And finally.... for those who are thinking about trying me this week, maybe DON'T.