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GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Expect some showers this morning, but we should have a mostly dry afternoon with the high topping out at 56 degrees. Now let's top off your morning with some NEWS!


• IN TEACHERS' STRIKE NEWS: Surprise, there's still no agreement, even though the teachers' union and the district met every day over the weekend. While concessions were made on both sides, the teachers' union says the latest monetary offer from the district smacks of "tokenism" and is "insulting." It's the seventh day of missed classes as the strike now stretches into the third week. 

• Meanwhile, Portland Public Schools has threatened to level an unfair labor practice charge against the teachers union for showing up outside the home of PPS Chief of Staff Jonathan Garcia, as well as an unrelated meeting at the Oregon Convention Center where PPS board member Andrew Scott was whisked away when teachers (and a llama) came into the building. While the district labeled these perfectly constitutional protests as "terrorism," I think they were mostly intimidated by the llama. (Do llamas spit on you? Or is that just camels?)

• OH LOOK, the PBA-approved Oregonian Editorial Board is desperate for attention again, and while they've softened their previous anti-teacher approach (because that really didn't work out well for them)—the main takeaway from their latest editorial screed seems to be "NOBODY LISTENS TO US... WHY WON'T YOU LISTEN TO US??" (A: You haven't earned the trust of the city, and B: Desperation smells like a moldy T-shirt.)

• Protesters have been zeroing in on soon-to-retire Rep. Earl Blumenauer and picketed his office last week to ask him to call for a cease fire in Israel's increasingly deadly war against the people of Gaza. So far Bluemenauer has not budged, even though he's not faced with the same political pressure that's keeping his fellow legislators silent. Check out the Mercury's report. 

• Looking for some great art to look at this winter? Here are our picks for significant Portland art happenings in November and December.


• Things are looking increasingly grim for the doctors and patients in Gaza's primary hospital as Israeli forces and Hamas militants battle just outside the building, which is now without electricity and left with barely any supplies, while trying to keep the wounded and babies alive.

• Meanwhile, President Biden is struggling in his attempts to placate increasingly angry Dems who see Israel's overwhelming attack on Gaza as nothing short of genocide. Many want the president to start adding conditions to the financial packages the US has been giving to Israel... for example, perhaps stop murdering civilian babies?

• Let's all wave a fond bye-bye to Republican presidential candidate Tim Scott—a former shining star of the party, and once considered a favorite—who has abruptly dropped out of the race for the presidential nomination, shocking even his own staff. AND WE WERE JUST GETTING TO KNOW HIS "GIRLFRIEND"! 😭

• Check your watches, and... yep! It's almost time for yet another government shutdown—but this time, feckless new Speaker of the House (and weirdo anti-abortion Christian) Mike Johnson is in charge. And while Johnson has what he thinks is a brilliant plan to stop the shutdown, the extreme right wing of the House shockingly hates the idea and are choosing instead to burn down the country. Who could've possibly seen that coming?