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GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! You can expect more showers today, but the worst of our very flood-y week is now behind us and we might even see some sun tomorrow. But now let's dip our toes into a mini-flood of NEWS.


• Portland police have fatally shot another person, and according to their very scanty details, it was someone accused of stealing electricity from a warehouse near a small community of RVs. Two officers have been placed on administrative leave—which is bureau policy for cops involved in shootings—while the event is investigated, BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE: If this was a shooting between civilians, Portland Police would have already revealed a LOT about what happened. However, cops were involved, which means they'll wait at least 15 days (if not longer) to reveal the names of the officers involved in the shootings. Our Courtney Vaughn explains this shocking lack of transparency from a publicly funded department.

• As suspected, another woefully unqualified City Council member has joined Mingus Mapps in the race for Portland's next mayor—Commissioner Rene Gonzalez, a conservative (not a "centrist" as he falsely claims) who time and time again has dutifully followed the whims of the rich developer community, actively tried to harm houseless people, and has not accomplished much of anything in his current job, other than try to sabotage the voter-approved Charter Reform, and slow the expansion of the wildly successful and popular Portland Street Response team. Expect to see a LOT of money thrown at him from the wealthy Portland-haters, which will require YOU to step up and make sure he is never elected to any public office in our state again. (Maybe he'd have better luck if he moved to Idaho with his fellow Republicans.)

• According to a new survey of Multnomah County librarians, about 75 percent of them feel unsafe in their jobs—largely due to threats of violence and sexual harassment—and that they are not being supported by library management. 

• If you're looking for a little holiday HORROR, then check out this review from our Suzette Smith about Portland Center Stage's new feminist-forward production of Dracula, a Feminist Revenge Fantasy, Really, which she calls "a lively and entertaining horror production that feels unexpectedly perfect for the dark days of our holiday season."

• Oh, and ooh-la-la, don't forget to snatch up those tickets now to TWO great upcoming Mercury events: The hilarious HOLIDAY edition of "Two Evils with Arlo & Kate"the comedy game show where YOU can win prizes and laugh along with the antics of special guest comedian Adam Pasi (coming next Wednesday)—and the very sexy HUMP! film festival which debuts in March, but CHEAP early bird tickets are on sale now... and make great Xmas gifts, don't 'cha know!


• Last night signaled the fourth Republican debate, in which prez wannabe Chris Christie spent much of his time lambasting Trump (and his chicken-shit absence), Nikki Haley fending off attacks from fellow GOP members because of her advancement in the polls, a lot of non-answers from Ron DeSantis, and more mouthy, asshole remarks from Vivek Ramaswamy who was rightly called "the most obnoxious blowhard in America.” (Sometimes Republicans get it right.)

• The House has voted to censure Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman for pulling a fire alarm while Congress was in session and struggling to pass a bill to fund the government during the most recent near-shutdown. He had already pled guilty to the action, and was given a $1000 fine and three months probation.

• A judge in Texas has granted a pregnant person permission to get an abortion, despite the state's draconian ban on the medical procedure. The woman is 20 weeks pregnant and her doctors are saying the fetus has a fatal diagnosis—and yet? Expect the women-hating state to appeal the decision.

• RIP to famous television producer Norman Lear—creator of such ground-breaking hits as All in the Family, Good Times, and Maude—who lived a long, remarkable life until dying at the age of 101.

• And finally... you know what? NO, THANK YOU.