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GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! If you're upset about seeing a photo of Palestinians carrying the dead to a burial site, you're mad at the wrong thing.

We’re in for a mashup of sunshine, clouds and rain today (all the seasons packed into a day!) before we get weather predicted to be spicier than an episode of Hot Ones (low to mid 80s).

Here, for no reason at all, is Kid Rock getting called out for sporting a Budweiser hat after famously taking an automatic weapon to a case of the crappy beer, in a crusade against the company for hiring a transgender influencer for an Instagram ad.

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Let’s feast on the spicy news headlines 🌶. 


  • Portland police shot and killed a man shortly after 6:30 pm Monday, while serving a warrant. Very few details have been released, but Portland Police Bureau says officers were serving a warrant related to a Major Crimes Unit investigation in the 100 block of SE 124th Ave. PPB says a man shot at officers, who returned fire and killed him. No one else was injured.
  • The full aftermath of Measure 110’s rollback has yet to be assessed, but we do know that several other states and other countries are looking at Oregon’s law, its failures at the state level, and what led to its repeal, as a potential roadmap for their own decriminalization efforts. Abe Asher has more in his latest piece on the legacy of Measure 110.
  • Multnomah County Elections reported a major blunder last week, when it notified the public that 9,300 replacement ballots will be sent to voters in East County, who received ballots without Metro’s zoo bond measure on them. “Elections learned of the omission May 2, the morning after ballots began landing in voters’ mailboxes,” a press release from the county states. Elections officials noted the affected voters received a version of the ballot “designed for people who live outside Metro’s jurisdictional boundaries.” Most of them live in Gresham or just south of the city. Whoops! 
  • Speaking of elections, you have two weeks left to turn in your ballot for this month's primary election. There are a few county races and some notable Congressional races, but so far, the most divisive campaign seems to be coming out of the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office. Deputy District Attorney Nathan Vasquez is challenging his boss, DA Mike Schmidt, for the role of lead prosecutor. The mud slinging started early and feels akin to the back-and-forth diss tracks of the Drake vs. Kendrick beef (more on that later). If you'd like helpful insight and guidance while filling out your ballot, the Mercury has you covered.
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  • Israel began bombing Rafah on the Gaza Strip yesterday, not long after Hamas agreed to a cease-fire deal. The Associated Press reports Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said the cease-fire deal didn’t meet all their demands. Hamas initially agreed to a deal that would have seen Israeli hostages released, in phases, in exchange for Israel removing its troops from Gaza.
  • While we're on the subject of Palestine, Macklemore has apparently released a new track, "Hind's Hall" that Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello called "the Most Rage Against the Machine song since Rage Against the Machine."
  • Firearms are now the leading cause of death among children, but Republican lawmakers in Tennessee passed a bill that would expand access to firearms and bring MORE GUNS into schools, allowing teachers to carry guns. Legislators there wanted to pass the bill last year, but a deadly school shooting in their own state–at the Covenant School in Green Hills–delayed those plans.
  • In a tragic story that also serves as an indictment of the deeply flawed US health care system, a man near Kansas City admitted to killing his wife while she was in a hospital on dialysis, because he was “depressed and couldn’t handle the caregiving and bills.” Ronnie Wiggs confessed shortly after his wife died, allegedly saying he choked her, and had tried to kill her during a prior hospital stay, but she woke up.
  • Recent research is giving neuroscientists reason to believe that insects are much more intelligent than previously thought, and some are capable of experiencing “subjective consciousness.” Now, researchers have documented bumblebees exhibiting cooperative skills–essentially, working together to solve problems. In recent lab experiments, the bees were trained together on tasks, similar to how we train dogs, using treats to reward good behavior. The study’s lead author concludes the findings “challenge conventional notions of insects, and the ability to work together towards a common goal is present even in the miniature brain of bumblebees.”
  • It's been a helluva week for rappers Kendrick Lamar and Drake, who've been beefing with each other via diss tracks released in rapid-fire succession. Canadian former actor and Certified Lover Boy, Drake, took shots at Lamar, the Pulitzer-prize winning rapper from Los Angeles. Rap fueds are nothing new, and have led to some banger tracks over the years (take a walk down memory lane with 2Pac's "Hit 'Em Up") but this one feels bad.