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GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! It's MONDAY! Who needs a drink? In that case, get ready to be very happy, because TODAY is the start of the Mercury's HIGHBALL WEEK! That's correct, today through this Sunday, June 9, you'll be able to sip delicious one-of-a-kind cocktails made by 29 (!) of the city's best bartenders... and for only $8 each! Check out hot pics of all the cocktail porn here, and get ready for some thirst-quenching NEWS.


• Five synagogues and multiple Jewish nonprofits have announced they are ending their support of the Oregon Food Bank—which helps thousands of young and old poverty stricken Oregonians—after the organization released a statement asking for the end of Israel's attack on Palestinians (which have killed at least 36,000 people so far), while also condemning the original attack by Hamas militants. The Jewish synagogues and groups say they will continue to withhold funding for the food bank, unless the organization retracts its statement. However, the group Jewish Voice for Peace-Portland have issued an open letter in response, showing their support for the Oregon Food Bank, calling the five synagogues' actions "threatening and unacceptable behavior, violating the Jewish value placed on the sanctity of all life above all else," while adding that it "is an affront to basic human dignity."

•  According to a new study from PSU, renters in Multnomah County are getting evicted at nearly double the rate compared to the years before the pandemic. Even worse, only a quarter of these people are getting help from anti-eviction programs that are available from nonprofits and government programs. While half of these renters were unaware of the programs, the other half tried and were unable to access the help they needed due to various barriers. (It should also be noted that a county ballot measure that would have used taxes to provide legal defense for anyone facing eviction failed in May of last year.)

• Today in "No Shit, Sherlock":

• A scary, close call for one local woman who's recovering after a man allegedly tried to kidnap her after offering her a ride in deep Southeast Portland. When she tried to get out of the vehicle, he accelerated, forcing her to jump from the car—and though injured, she was able to make her escape, and the driver has been arrested.

• Looking for a good play? Consider Third Rail Repertory Theatre's season closer, Middletown Mall, which you may think is about three friends in the '90s and their jobs in the titular mall... but what it's really about is their manager... GREG. (Read the Mercury review, you'll see what I mean.)


• Congrats to Mexico who has elected their first woman (and Jewish!) presiden, Claudia Sheinbaum, a climate scientist, leftist, and former Mexico City mayor. Sheinbaum rose to prominence for the data-driven methods she used to protect people during the pandemic during her stint as mayor of the country's largest city. (Now do America next! Or at least at some point??)

• Anthony Fauci—the calming voice of reason during the pandemic—is being grilled by a congressional committee today, in which Republicans are once again trying to rewrite history... this time by accusing Fauci and the US government of a cover up in which [*checks notes*] America supposedly colluded with China to create a virus that decimated a large portion of the world's population? (And you wonder why Republicans can't seem to get anything done.)

• Jury selection is underway in the trial of the president's son, Hunter Biden, who has been charged with three counts involving possession of a gun while using narcotics, that were brought about by a Trump appointee. Unlike the pardon-happy actions of the former president, Joe Biden has said that if his son is convicted he will not offer a pardon. (And if he is convicted, does this mean that Republicans will suddenly believe in the rule of law again? You know, when it suits them?)

• Speaking of hypocrites, remember that—and this was just a few years ago—conservatives would regularly lose their got-damned minds if anyone mistreated or disrespected the American flag in any way? Welp, check out this story: "The upside-down American flag goes mainstream as a form of right-wing protest."

• Yes, yes, a thousand times YES!

• And finally... I wish Portland drove half as safe as this orangutan.