Sigh. For the first time in 10 years, Oregonians are using more gas. A report out today from environmental research group Sightline shows that this past year we've reversed a decade-long trend in declining gas use. In 2009, the average person from Oregon, Washington and Idaho consumed 392 gallons of gas, versus 389 gallons in 2008.

The uptick is small in Oregon, less than one percent, but surprising given that we're in the middle of the Great Recession and all. Gasoline buying habits usually mirror the economy: When jobs plummet, so does gas buying. But in the Northwest, the price of gas has dropped significantly since it spiked in 2008. I remember driving across the country in June 2008, when gas stations were raising the price of gas multiple times a day, peaking at nearly $4 a gallon. Despite the Gulf

The good news? We're still using about nine percent less gas than the rest of this car-lovin' country. Whoo! Way to set the bar low, America!