Plastic Bottle: It does a baby bad.
  • Plastic Bottle: It does a baby bad.
Apparently some people like babies and apparently those people are in charge of our county government. Scoff!

The county commission voted unanimously today to ban the sale of kids' products that include Bisephanol-A (BPA), a common plastic ingredient that has been linked to in infants brain damage and cancer.

While California just this month banned the sale of baby products containing BPA this month and Europe bans the chemical in its baby products, the Oregon legislature has twice failed to pass BPA bans in the past two years. That's thanks in a large part to Oregon's food processing industry, which uses a plastic including BPA to line cans that are stuffed with Oregon fruit.

Portlander Susan Beal rallied over 1,000 people to sign an online petition asking the county to ban BPA baby products.

It seems like Portland's been getting a lot of specific local environmental laws recently—the new compost system, banning the plastic bag, and now banning BPA.