IKEA wants all the sun.
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  • IKEA wants all the sun.

Portland's IKEA officially plugged in its massive solar energy system this morning. The 2,072 panels are expected to reduce 432 tons of carbon dioxide annually (equivalent to the emissions of 77 cars). This hefty sustainability investment comes on the heels of the Portland hub installing a pair of electric vehicle chargers last July and developing pre-built house plans in Feburary.

“A solar energy system will help reduce the store’s carbon footprint and represents another investment toward our future in this community,"says IKEA Portland store manager Alessandra Zini in this morning's press release.

This makes the Portland store the 16th IKEA in the country to switch to solar. Coming soon: Happy Swedish IKEA cows fueling the store with their happy Swedish manure. DIY kits to follow!