Last night, hundreds of people packed the parking lot of the Ecotrust building to catch Typhoon and Au's free summer Sundown series show. If you wanted to drink a beer or sangria in the crowd, workers checked your ID and then slapped your wrist with one of these:

  • Mark Boling

It's a biodegradable wristband embedded with basil seeds! Such a tiny thing, but it's a nice reminder that even small, normal objects—like potato chip bags and Pepsi bottles and concert wristbands—can be made in a smarter, more creative way.

The bad news is the wristbands actually kind of sucked as wristbands—the glue on them didn't hold together and they kept falling off. I soon just took mine off and kept it in my pocket to plant later. I guess we're still working out the kinks with simple future technology.

(Update! Ecotrust says this wristbands are made by OOTS, a Dutch company that sells cute things.)