Is there anything better at ushering in the rainy season than the desperation of smoky skies and rapidly declining air quality? Best to celebrate this brief respite of this dry-ass summer—now that the smoke is clearing and we can see the friggin blue sky again—by gearing up for two exciting shows and reveling in all the new material from Portland rapper Milc.


One can’t miss upcoming event.

R&B Night: Iamjordan, Rainezra, Ivy, DJ DTHEPRODIGY

In a great new development for the Portland R&B scene, there’s a new monthly series at Kelly’s Olympian. Hosted by Danny Ocean and DJ'd by DJ DTHEPRODIGY. The first installment of R&B Night kicks off tonight, and will showcase the talents of Portland-based singer Iamjordan, as well as singer-songwriter Rainezra, who’ll no doubt be performing tracks from her latest project, Responsibilities, which dropped in May. Ethereal, spiritually-minded vocalist iVY—of local label Never Home Music—offers even more allure to the lineup, despite not having a full-length project out yet; she’ll be performing sensual singles like “Strawberry Moon,” and “Lotion.” (Wed Sept 14, 8 pm, Kelly’s Olympian, 426 SW Washington, tickets here, $12, 21+)


Two new music releases from a Portland-relevant artist.  

Dr. Blanco, Milc

Portland-based rapper Milc dropped a fresh five-track EP, titled Dr. Blanco, exclusively on Bandcamp for the much beloved Bandcamp Friday, this past September 2. With album artwork by rapper / producer / multimedia artist Slick Devious, the project was produced entirely by Portlanders: Sxlxmxn is behind excellent project opener “Wendy’s,” while TROX made the beats for “IOU” and “McMoJohn,” Goldenbeets did “Little Brothers,” and Spinitch produced “Fabio Freestyle.” The very same day, Milc hopped on a new aptly-titled track, “Curmudgeon,” with California artist M2—featuring N8 Shank and production by KandyBank. Rapper M2 kicked off the first moody verse, spitting lyrics like “I’m a menace, take me from society/admiring the rioting, it’s so inspiring/ I got a thousand bitches, I need variety/ I’m not the best, I just want you all to lie to me/ lowkey, I don’t need the notoriety/ just want to blow trees, rock and build the dynasty.” After a chorus sung by N8 Shank, Milc delivers a final fiery verse.


Some upcoming music buzz to put on your radar.

Sheer Mag

Philly indie rock band Sheer Mag got together in bedroom in 2014, but their sonic goal has always been “sheer magnitude,” which is also what led to their name. Informed by '70s classic rock and punk, the group is fronted by stunning powerhouse singer Tina Halladay, and has been heralded by critics as one of the most exciting and badass bands of the last decade. Want verification? Just take a listen to their catchy and soulful 2021 single, “Crushed Velvet.” While the band hasn’t released a project since 2019’s excellent 10-track sophomore album, Distant Call, the band’s upcoming tour stop at Mississippi Studios might provide a chance to hear album highlights like “Keep Runnin,” and “Steel Sharpens Steel,” and hopefully also get a taste of what they’ve been working on since. (Tues Oct 11, 8 pm, Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi, $18, tickets here, w/ Twompsax, Andy Place and the Coolheads, 21+)