Now we’re cookin’! This summer season is quite literally heating up—a bit too much actually—and so is the local music climate. As we enter the second half of August, we’re bumping Portland-based soul singer Dani Danger’s new single, gearing up for an Orquestra Pacifico Tropicale show on Alberta, and scrambling to find tickets to see 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, and Jeremih at that weird amphitheater in Ridgefield. 


An upcoming local event featuring local artists.        

Orquestra Pacifico Tropicale

It’s always a good time to catch experimental cumbia/psych act Orquestra Pacifico Tropicale live! The group is led by ultra-active drummer Papi Fimbres (Sávila, Máscaras, Wet Fruit, Dreckig, etc.)—who at one point was in a whopping 17 bands, and who recently played a killer DJ set at Pickathon, by the way. OPT will bless the Alberta Abbey stage with an all-ages show on August 26, bringing with them local psych/cumbia DJs Espina Letal and Psychotropika and a light show by visual artist/Mad Alchemy collaborator Ryne Freed. We haven't had a full-length record from OPT since their excellent El Tren in 2018. Though in 2020, the group dropped an enjoyable single track called “Regreso.” Fimbres told the Mercury that fans can expect new songs at the Alberta Abbey show, and the group is heading into Portland's Color Therapy Studios (that's also where Y La Bamba has recorded much of their work) to lay tracks for a third full-length. (Alberta Abbey, 126 NE Alberta, Sat August 26, 8:30 pm,  $20-25, tickets here, all ages)

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New release from a Portland-relevant artist. 

“Addicted to Love,” Dani Danger

There’s not a ton of active R&B singers based in Portland—we're blessed with some good ones, to be sure, but not a ton—so it’s exciting to discover new material from local artists in that lane. One such new discovery (for me) is Dani Danger, who impressed crowds at a recent edition of The Thesis monthly hip-hop show. Raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and currently based in Portland, Jamaican-American artist Dani Danger makes a Caribbean-infused blend of jazz, soul, and R&B. On August 3, the artist released a new single, “Addicted To Love,” which is instantly lovable for its euphonious, radio-ready sound and lyrics about a complicated romantic relationship. With her deep, hearty, and soulful voice and gorgeous timbre, she sings “I can’t get enough, addicted to love.” Four and a half minutes long, and halfway through she slows it down even more to level with her lover. 


Upcoming music buzz to put on your radar.

50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Jeremih

If I’m being completely honest, I don’t love RV Inn Style Amphitheater in Ridgefield, nor do I particularly enjoy its exceptional post-show traffic jams—and I've seen some bad ones. But visiting this spot becomes necessary when rap stars make it the only tour stop within 30 minutes of Portland. On September 6, East coast rapper 50 Cent brings his “The Final Lap Tour” to the venue formerly known as Sleep Country Amphitheater and Sunlight Supply Amphitheater, notably bringing Busta Rhymes as well as popular R&B singer Jeremih with him. All icons in their own right, these three artists have solidified their respective fanbases into what is likely to be a rollicking party  of people vibing to three massive artists performing hit after hit. Those in attendance will relish in the rare opportunity to sway along to Jeremih singing “Birthday Sex,” hear early-2000s party anthem “In Da Club” live, and bounce along while breaking their FUCKING necks to “Break Ya Neck.” (RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater, 17200 NE Delfel Rd, Ridgefield, WA; Wed Sept 6, 7 pm, $32+, tickets here, all ages)