It's HERE—the triumphant return of the Portland Mercury's HIGHBALL! That's correct: It's time for an ENTIRE WEEK (now through June 9) of specially crafted, original cocktails mixed by the best bartenders in town… and get this, they're only $8 each! 🤯 We've teamed up with the finest bars and restaurants in Portland—along with our cocktail-lovin' pals at Jim Beam—to bring you this one-of-a-kind booze-tacular! At each of Highball's 29 (!) locations, you'll find $8 specially crafted cocktails, and even better? They'll be available ALL DAY (not just during happy hour)!


Stay tuned to and the Mercury for announcements—then plot your strategic course with the Highball map and set sail on a river of booze starting now through June 9! You'll get even more hot tips if you sign up for our email newsletters and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

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So, are you ready for HIGHBALL? Great! Just remember a few friendly rules:

• Drink responsibly! This goes without saying, but because we love you and don't want you to die, PLEASE be safe and smart with your Highball consumption—and NEVER drink and drive.

• Be patient! We all need a drink (or 10) right now. But so do our friends, neighbors, and sworn enemies! So if a Highball bar is slammed, or if they run out of those little umbrellas? Be cool—it'll all get sorted soon enough!

• Tip your bartenders, and order food! Sure, the best part of Highball are those $8 drinks… but each Highball location also has great food, and their talented bartenders will be working hard to keep those craft cocktails pouring! So relax, grab a bite, and let your bartenders and waitstaff know how much you appreciate ‘em!

Now get ready for the booziest, funnest week of your life, the Mercury's HIGHBALL! Happening right now, through Sunday JUNE 9!