Now, I'm not saying that I should be Oregon's ambassador or anything... but it is a shame that Oregon hillbillies get all the national press (other than our food carts, of course). Here's a particular nutty hillbilly camper that was photographed outside a Salem DMV, featured today on Gawker, and... well, you might want to get some coffee and settle back, because this is going to take a while to decipher and process. (Supersized version here.)


Actually, I learned a lot from this camper, including:
1) Satan is a bisexual! HOT.
2) Obama is uncircumcised. Eh. Not my personal preference.
3) America is now under Communist command. Eh. Again, not my personal preference, but things don't really seem all that different.
4) This hillbilly may be batshit bonkers, but you have to admit his handwriting is impeccable!