Last year, the residents of Blogtown named the best Xmas song evarrrrrr. (The winner was "Heat Miser" from Year Without a Santa Claus? What are you people? 4chan?) And now you get to vote on the WORST. After the jump, I'll embed the videos for TEN of what I consider to be the worst holiday songs by someone who should have definitely known better (which, in the comments, you will immediately proclaim as a faulty list, and correct me with an even worse example—I'll take those into consideration). Refresh your memories with the following videos, and then VOTE in this legally binding Blogtown Poll!

1) Paul McCartney "Wonderful Christmastime"

2) Madonna "Santa Baby"

3) Destiny's Child "Eight Days of Christmas"

4) New Kids on the Block "Funky Funky Christmas"

5) Billy Idol "Jingle Bell Rock"

6) Cyndi Lauper "Christmas Conga"

7) Band Aid "Do They Know It's Christmas"

8) John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John "I Think You Might Like It"

9) Wham "Last Christmas" (Actually, I like this one... but there's no accounting for taste.)

10) John Lennon and Yoko Ono "Happy Xmas (War is Over)" (Before you poo-poo me on this choice, listen to it. IT... IS... TERRIBLE.)