1. Charles Bradley, No Time for Dreaming 

Charles Bradley died in September and it broke my heart into a million tiny pieces. He’d been fighting stomach cancer for about a year, and passed away at his home in Brooklyn at the age of 68. I was lucky enough to see him at Pickathon a month before his death, and was brought to tears by his incomparable dance moves, joyful energy, signature rose-tossing, and raspy croon—he was simply the best. My favorite album Bradley ever released is his 2011 debut, No Time for Dreaming, and I want to own a copy on vinyl. RIP to the Screaming Eagle of Soul. May he live on in our hearts and ears forever. Jackpot Records, 3574 SE Hawthorne, $22.99

2. Common Ground Wellness Center Gift Card

Sometimes it’s nice to climb into a piping-hot bathtub and let yourself become a human raisin. That’s what I do to relax, anyway. Common Ground Wellness Center’s outdoor pool is my favorite place in town to soak and/or sauna. Best time to go? At night, preferably when it’s raining. I’ve never gotten a massage there, but apparently they do those too! I’d like to detox from this whopper of a year with the “sandwich” gift card, which means a 30-minute soak, then a 90-minute massage, followed by another 30 minutes of soaking. Warning! It’s clothing optional, so please don’t be gross or weird. Common Ground Wellness Center, 5010 NE 33rd, cgwc.org, $130

3. Bose Wireless Headphones

For someone whose job involves listening to music, I’m really bad at listening to music. I go through shitty gas station earbuds like nobody’s business, which means there’s a rat king of mangled wires and exposed electronics living inside my desk, probably waiting to reanimate and electrocute my ears as retribution for its mistreatment. That’s why I dream of Bose’s QuietComfort wireless headphones—these babies are quiet, comfortable, and wireless, three things I desperately need in my daily music-listening. They’re also very expensive, which is why you’re getting them for me! Thanks in advance! Bose, 700 SW 5th #1034, $349.95

4. U-Pet Catpack

My cat lives indoors, and sometimes I feel bad about depriving him of the adventure of the outside world. Specifically, the ocean. I want to bring my cat to the ocean. He would LOVE it—there’s a permanent fishy smell in the air, plenty of birds to chase, and bonus, the beach is basically one giant litter box. Can you imagine being a cat and getting to poop in sand? Incredible. Anyway, if someone gets me this nifty U-Pet catpack (cat + backpack, genius) with a cute astronaut bubble window, I’ll finally be able to safely transport my little babyman to the coast and show him the majesty of the sea. Or, you know, it could just make taking him to the vet a whole lot easier/more fashionable. Ebay, ebay.com, $85.11

5. And I Think You Should Donate to... Cascade AIDS Project

The Cascade AIDS Project is a local non-profit with a mission to “prevent HIV infections, support and empower people living with or affected by HIV, and eliminate HIV-related stigma and health disparities.” They’ve been helping people find housing, medical care, and support services for more than three decades. It’s also the oldest and largest community provider of HIV services in all of Oregon and Southwest Washington! With the Trump administration’s current attacks on healthcare and the LGBTQ+ community, it’s now more important than ever to donate to wonderful organizations like the Cascade AIDS Project. Cascade AIDS Project, cascadeaids.org