1. Earrings by Amaree & Reese

Owner and jewelry-maker Risa Regory’s passion for handcrafted metal earrings is apparent. And even though her designs are popular enough to be sold in a bunch of stores across town (check out Tender Loving Empire, Adorn, Shipwreck, Greenhaus, and Hunt & Gather), she wants to keep her business small so that every pair continues to be made by her personally. Focusing on sterling silver and brass, Regory is willing to back up the structural integrity of her designs (and their price point) by replacing any defective items. I have a pair of Amaree & Reese’s signature shield earrings in brass, and I love them, but I would like to add some more variety—like the stacked triangles, long triangles, brass half-circle drop & dangle charm, or the geometric shield with hand-stamps. It’s an even sweeter deal when I can get product I love and support a local, POC-owned business. Tender Loving Empire, 525 NW 23rd, 412 SW 10th, 3541 SE Hawthorne, etsy.com/shop/AmareeandReese, $36-58

2. “I Came to Slay” Desk Plaque

Many know that I’m a committed member of the Church of Beyoncé; from pillowcases to saint prayer candles, to “Formation” tour jackets and pins, I just can’t get enough Bey merchandise. Some are just for fun, some make a statement, and some actually improve my quality of life. This wish list item, the “I Came to Slay” desk plaque, is definitely the latter. Since my job at the Mercury often affords me the option of working from home, when I actually come into the office it’s because I’m super busy and I mean business. I like the idea that anyone who should approach my desk will be greeted with an “I Came to Slay” sign, letting everyone know what’s up and making me want to dress nicer for work in case a work-desk photo opportunity should arise. Wildfang, 1230 SE Grand, 404 SW 10th, wildfang.com, $28

3. Skincare by The Alpine Glow

The Alpine Glow is a small-batch beauty and skincare company owned by Alexis Harris and specializing in my favorite natural and vegan ingredients. First off, I’d like to try the Coconut Milk Bath for my Self-Care Sunday routine. The effect is similar to bath bombs: Just add a few tablespoons and it’ll give off a sweet coconut scent (my favorite!) and add a skin conditioning treatment to your bath water. I’d also love to try a more advanced form of “oil washing” with the Rosemary Oil Cleanser, which is ideal for oily or acne-prone skin. Unlike a regular jar of coconut oil, the Rosemary Cleansing Oil should remove dirt and makeup without stripping away the skin’s natural barrier, and yet it washes away completely without leaving oily residue. Lovely! thealpineglow.com, $13-14

4. “AFRO-Dite” Rose de Pinot Noir

Bertony Faustin, Oregon’s first Black winemaker, makes some seriously fantastic Pinot Noirs and is known for pairing his wines with sea-salted plantain chips and assorted hot chili sauces. But this vintage, a 2016 Rose de Pinot called AFRO-Dite, is speaking to me. The limited-edition wine is a collaboration project between the winemaker and artist Sadé Beasley, who illustrated three different reimagined Aphrodites in the form of a Black woman for the tag on each bottle. In keeping with this pro-Black theme, a portion of proceeds will go toward the Oregon Dove Scholarship Fund, which was established by the Pi Alpha Zeta chapter of Zeta Phi Beta (a historically Black sorority) and contributes to high school seniors who are transitioning to college. Abbey Creek Tasting Room, 31441 NW Commercial, North Plains, abbeycreekvineyard.com, $40

5. And I Think You Should Donate to... One Tail at a Time PDX

One Tail at a Time (OTAT) is a no-kill dog shelter that started in Chicago, but began a Portland dog-rescue team in 2014. I think you should give them your money (or time), and I am probably biased. Earlier this year after reading up on the non-profit I began fostering/volunteering for them. That first foster was a fail and I am now the proud parent of a sweet pup named Dobbi. Now that I have a dog that needs special attention and training I unfortunately don’t have time to foster any other dogs, and that breaks my heart. With all the natural disasters in the US, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, the number of displaced animals in need is high. And shelters can only take as many dogs as they have supplies and committed support for. Donations go toward getting food and supplies, treatment for kennel cough and parasites, vaccinations, and other essentials these orphan animals need to have a healthy and happy life. And if you’re looking to get a dog or puppy this holiday season, I urge you to adopt (from OTAT!) and NOT shop. otatpdx.org/donate, $25-500