Whew, what a year! If 2020 was the year of unprecedented events and grim milestones, 2021 was the year of “Yep, this feels awful and unforeseen enough to be right on cue.” But here we are in December, with stores and social media and car commercials telling us it’s the holidays. You’ve got loved ones who want to celebrate, and some paid holiday time if you’re fortunate, and you might even feel the urge to be generous—with others, and with yourself.

You made it through this year, and you deserve a little debauchery. The Mercury’s got you covered.

That might mean enjoying some holiday spirits, getting a nice massage, or testing out a few of the best new sex toys on the market. This guide touches on all that and more. We’ve got ways you can have fun with friends, family, significant others, and all by yourself. We’ve also got a peek into the darkly hilarious underbelly of holiday indulgence, thanks to a personal essay from a Portland sex worker about working on Christmas Eve during the pandemic.

Whatever the holidays look like this year, we at the Mercury want to thank you for your readership, and for your monetary support. Consider this guide our holiday gift to you.