It’s a point we can all agree upon: Receiving a sex toy for a holiday gift is far better than nearly anything. And while gifting a sex toy might not always be appropriate (Hi, grandma!), our significant others and friends with benefits love ‘em!

That’s why the Mercury asked the local experts at She Bop—the sex toy boutique where sexual empowerment is for every body—for their top picks for sexy toys and paraphrenalia that will put a holiday smile on the face of your beloved(s) this season.


It behooves everyone to have a well-stocked dildo arsenal. That’s why the Leo Vibe Galaxy from Vixen Creations is a great, safe gift. Sure, your loved one may have a few dildos in their bedside table drawer, but do they have one that’s “space themed”? I THINK NOT. Plus, you can’t go wrong with the Leo Vibe’s classic shape and girth that’s designed to hit all the sweet spots—both “G” and “P” (prostate). Made with high quality platinum silicone, it’s a very reasonable (and exciting) 7.75” long with a diameter of 1.6”, and even comes with a bullet vibe to put inside the base, providing a lot more buzzy fun. (And if it looks like it’ll send you out of this world, that’s because it will.)

She Bop’s Sexperts Say: “This high quality dildo that'll show you stars is available just in time for the holidays!”

Leo Vibe Galaxy, $73


For those who like their sexy fun in the dark, this Spartacus floral print blindfold is simultaneously gorgeous and practical. Whether your BDSM playtime is intense or mild, you’ll appreciate the comfort and flat-out good looks of this vegan, blackout blindfold that’s made out of polyurethane, elastic, and faux fur (to keep those peepers nice and comfy). And for something so fancy, it’s very reasonably priced and a perfect stocking stuffer… for those who love stuffing stockings.

She Bop’s Sexperts Say: “It’s important to take time to let go and relax during the holiday stress, and blindfolds are a great way to let that happen!”

Spartacus Floral Print Blindfold, $22


If you’re part of a couple interested in taking sexcapades to the next level, the Blow & Glow kit could be just the ticket! It includes two of the funnest Fun Factory toys: the Manta, which is designed for penis stroking (solo play or handjobs/BJs), but can also magically transform a penis into a buzzy vibrator for a partner to grind on. Also included is the NŌS, a cock-ring that conveniently applies vibrations directly to the clitoris. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Throw in some rosewood and ylang-ylang scented massage candles, six instructional videos from Ashley Manta (XBIZ’s 2020 Sexpert of the Year), and a custom scrunchie for holding your hair back… or completing various other sexy-time tasks. Get ready for a very busy holiday break!

She Bop’s Sexperts Say: “The Blow & Glow Kit is a great gift… not just for a partner, but for the both of you, to enjoy this holiday.”

Blow & Glow Kit, $239


The reviews are in and they are good for this unusual vibrator which offers eight different varieties of suction intensity, while providing clitoral stimulation through pressure waves. The Beso XOXO is also made from body-safe silicone, plus it’s splash-proof and rechargeable via USB. Satisfied customers call it “a game changer,” “extremely effective” and “the best toy in my collection yet!” Sounds like a great present to me!

She Bop’s Sexperts Say: “If someone special has been curious about suction sensation, but you’re looking for something under $100, this is the perfect stocking stuffer.”

Beso XOXO, $54

Jute Rope from the Damn Good Rope Company

If you’re expecting to get tied up for the holidays, it’d be a good idea to add this Jute Rope to your list. Not for the novice, this rope is designed with serious playtime in mind. Handspun from pliable Grade A Tossa Jute, it has just the right amount of stretch and bite, while holding knots like a dream. Even better, it’s ready to use right out of the box. If you’re into Shibari or any type of rope bondage, this Jute rope will tie you up right.

She Bop’s Sexperts Say: “High quality, reliable, AND beautifully colored rope can be hard to find; but your loved ones deserve the best!”

Jute Rope, $25

Seagrape Sex Magic Massage Candle

This gift can certainly be employed as a sensual room candle to provide the proper mood for what comes next, but this locally made Sex Magic Massage Candle has another trick up its sleeve, producing warm sensual massage oil from its body-safe, melted soy wax, shea butter, and avocado, coconut, and aromatic essential oils. Simply light it up 20-30 minutes ahead of time, pour a small amount of melted oil directly into your palm, and massage those tired, sore muscles (and then ask your partner to return the favor).

She Bop’s Sexperts Say: “What better time to warm up with temperature play than during these chilly months?”

Seagrape Sex Magic Massage Candle, $28

The Butters CBD Lube

Sorry, but one can never have enough lube lying around. And this gift will keep on giving, because not only does this vegan, oil-based personal lubricant keep everything slick and never sticky (while playing nicely with your body-safe toys), it’s also loaded up with 400mg of CBD which will purportedly lead to stronger orgasms and sleep enhancement. Plus, the healthy ingredients of this lube even have “healing properties for delicate areas.” An A-plus addition to any stocking!

She Bop’s Sexperts Say: “CBD is known for promoting relaxation and soothing existing discomfort or inflammation, which can be a common issue as temperatures drop.”

The Butters CBD Lube, $24

We-Vibe Touch X

If you enjoyed the sweet rumble of the original We-Vibe Touch vibrator, get ready to celebrate,‘cuz there’s a new version in town! Like the pleasure-packed older model, the Touch X is rechargeable, waterproof, and has that familiar squishy silicone feel—but now it’s packed with a more powerful motor, as well as three buttons with eight intensity levels that’ll take you to the moon… and perhaps the stars? Individual results may vary. A discreet, must-have addition for you or a loved one’s toy collection!

She Bop’s Sexperts Say: “With its versatility and wide range of settings, the Touch X is a great first-time toy for a loved one.”

We-Vibe Touch X, $100

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