OPB is picking up the story from our news lead this morning, interviewing the gay Beaverton student teacher who was kicked out of the classroom for mentioning he would like to marry a man. Tune in here.

So far the discussion has focused on why kicking Stambaugh out of the class is discrimination. Stambaugh's lawyer Lake Perriguey explains that straight teachers discuss their hetero marriages in class all the time, mentioning spouses and using the honorific Mrs. "The way they treat straight people who talk about these things is different than the way they treated Seth Stambaugh," says Perriguey.

Unfortunately, the former Republican legislator, Marilyn Shannon, on the show providing a counterpoint to Perriguey seems to be a little over the deep end. At 9:25 or so, she defends Stambaugh's dismissal because she says schools are law-bound to teach morality. And, later, said that gays in Oregon got "the whole enchilada" of rights. Hmm...

Update 9:32 Two parents of students from Stambaugh's former class have called in to support him, which is heartening. They seem pissed, asking: How is it that one parent's complaint outweighs the concern from other parents about discrimination?

On Blogtown last week, we reported on how firing a student teacher is legal under state law and the national petition to support Stambaugh.

Tonight, PrideNW is organizing a candlelit vigil to raise awareness about the harm caused by gay bullying. That's at 7PM tonight in Pioneer Courthouse Square, timed to coincide with National Coming Out Day. Also check out this anti-gay bullying PSA that local cartoonist Matt Bors released today: