You are in desperate need of sexy fun... and help is on the way! We're thrilled to announce that tickets for the brand new 2021 edition of HUMP!—America's sweetest li'l porn fest—are now on sale!

As you undoubtedly know, HUMP! is the annual film festival where sexy amateur filmmakers share their lustiest five-minute dirty movies with the world. This delightfully sex-positive fest features all sorts of horny fun, including hardcore, softcore, live action, stop action, animated, musical, kinky, vanilla, straight, gay, lez, bi, trans, and genderqueer flicks that are guaranteed to have you squirming in glee!

This year's festival will start online (though could move to theaters later, pandemic willing) and will run from January 30 to March 6 with screenings suitable for all time zones (including Australia and Europe/West Africa)!

OH, BUT IT GETS BETTER! Because along with regular screenings, you can also choose a viewing party with lots of extra entertainment value, such as...

Watch opening night with Dan Savage!
Watch live with other HUMP fans!
Watch with drag dolls Betty Wetter & Cookie Couture!
Watch with HUMP filmmakers and performers!
• and an... ALL NUDE VIEWING PARTY(!!)(??)(!!) Yes, yes, a thousand times YES!

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Get your tickets for HUMP! 2021 now and here! (Plus they make fantastic holiday gifts for the horny people in your life.)

Interested in making a film for HUMP? It's not too late! The deadline for submissions for this year's fest has been extended to January 8—so grab your phone and sexy friends and get to work!

DON'T MISS THE JOY AND FUN OF THE 2021 EDITION OF HUMP!—starting January 30! (After the year we've had? You need this!)