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Ya'll are gross

If the pandemic has taught me anything, it's that the majority of full grown adults don't and have never properly washed their hands. Gross.

What would you say...you do here?

Okay, so help me out with this.

So national grassroots organizations are led by their local chapters...

They accept the unfiltered choices of locals on local and national issues...

They are completely volunteer run...

They don't provide any tools or tactics that can't be found for free elsewhere...

What exactly do the donations pay for? And if an organization is led by its grassroots, why does it need an overpaid nepotistic executive leadership team?

Ice Chips

I don't think chaos is the term to describe what is currently happening. Although it may seem chaotic, what we are experiencing together is an orderly natural process.

Like other natural functions, this isn't all pretty, but it will the pain will pass soon enough, and we'll be rewarded with a rush of endorphins or the equivalent.

It's important to remember how new the internet is in not only the context of humanity, but also our own society and the power we've ceded it over our lives and decision-making processes. It has transformed every aspect of our daily lives.

In October 1991 as the Senate was in the process of learning the details of the harassment Anita Hill experienced during the confirmation process of Clarence Thomas, the world's first website CERN's "The World Wide Web Project" was barely more than two months old. The first web search engine wouldn't be invented for another two years.

It's difficult to think of how many of us could even operate in a world when Justice Thomas was confirmed.

Asking for a friend...

Now that the primaries are over what happens if a candidate drops out of the race for one reason or another?

Would they be replaced on the ticket? or would the other side automatically win? Could someone launch a last-minute write-in campaign?

Let's just say it's something we might want to figure out sooner than later...

What have you changed?

The occupy movement in Portland started to fizzle as soon as some of the participants were forced to confront the realities of how some of us struggle to make it through this world. When presented with the realities of how some get by on the streets, they abandoned the project, their values, and paved the way for SAM ADAMS to unleash PPB violence on those of us with the conviction of our values.

We had another brush with solidarity after Trump was elected, but overtime that movement was hijacked by special interests who recognized that people are fine with with maintaining status quo as long as they can FEEL like they are doing something - so we have corporatist leaders and cottage industries that provide the masses with a place to donate their indulgences and tell them where and when to show up to FEEL like they are doing something.

I've gone through the emails I've received over the past 6 years, there are clearly two types sent over and over namely SCARING THING IS HAPPENING SEND US MONEY and LOOK AT HOW WE ARE WINNING SEND US MONEY.

So, people send them money and follow their instructions in order to feel in control. How weird is that... blindly following others to feel in control of their life...

The thing is they aren't in control, neither are the people frantically sending them fundraising emails.

How can any so-called liberal organization with political or otherwise look around and continue to embrace the delusion that they are succeeding at anything?

Ask yourself what have you done? What have you personally accomplished for the world?


Don't write down the answer. Write down the excuses you come up with to distance yourself from the responsibility.

You are mighty, if you want to be.

Happy Birthday E.

It's your birthday. 
You've been gone almost thirty years, and I think of you nearly every day. You were a whirlwind that is not to be forgotten, ever.

I am sorry that you're gone. I hope that if there is more, you are happy there.

Pickup the Dog Poop BAG!

When someone doesn’t pick up their dog’s crap, there could be reasons that are legit. Like you didn’t notice it, you didn’t have any bags left, you’re too dumb to realize in an urban environment, poop doesn’t “decompose” like it does in the woods, etc.

But when you pick up the poop and then drop the bag right there on the ground, there’s no excuse other than you’re a shit bag (get it???). Is it too freggin hard to hold the shit bag while walking the dog AND posting on NextDoor about how Portland scares you???

America, a bunch of wannabe celebrities and wealthy good for nothings. Stop waiting for the lower class to clean up your mess. Do it yourself and start respecting your community and environment.

It's a miracle

Every day I give thanks.

As a community, country and a world, we are incredibly fortunate that covid hasn't affected our homeless population as much as previous disease and pandemics. As you know, those who are forced to live on the street and denied adequate housing (not to mention healthcare and access to hygiene basics like running water and soap) are more vulnerable to communicable sicknesses like covid than the rest of the population.

Thankfully, for one reason or another, it appears that that segment of our population has been less affected by covid than the middle class.

Whatever the reason, it's something to be truly thankful for.

We Are The World

Aim Higher.

Stop playing the game of fear.

Fear breeds anxiety which breeds conservatism. The idea that we should conserve our resources, limit perspectives, actively exclude some, and discourage creativity.
That's their play to force everyone into little categories and divide us up according to our external labels.

Then once you identify yourself in a group, you are burden with the fear of exclusion. You aren't conservative enough. You aren't leftist enough. You aren't pure enough for us. You aren't poor enough. You aren't angry enough. The racism I experience is worse than the racism you experience.

I'm not going to tell you your fears aren't real. Or attempt to minimize the real-world impact of your anxieties. I'm here to tell you, you can overcome them. We can overcome this fear and anxiety and division together. All you have to do is keep making the choice to "be not afraid".

No one is pure. We are all sinners. We have all made mistakes. And now more than ever that aspect of our humanity is documented the world over. No previous generation haven't ever been so open and public with themselves and others about who they are and what journey they took to become ourselves.

We are in the midst of conquering the world with honesty. With the truth that we are all flawed and we can all overcome those flaws and become mighty.

Empower yourself to be honest. Empower yourself to be accountable. Release yourself from the grip of fear and shame.


idk why i still even think about you

i just want to forget you but somehow every day i still have thoughts about you and what you did to me i’ll never forget what c did and it’s just the top of the pile of things that have been done to me he’s not even the first

"Portlanders" can all FUCK. RIGHT. OFF.

Parked at the 122nd and Halsey Goodwill, my car needed a jumpstart. The hood of my decent 2009 VW Passat wagon was up with cables dangling out, as you could plainly see; I'm (obviously) not a con artist. Excuses ranged from "I don't have cables", "I'm waiting for a friend", "Been having trouble with my car", "This is a rental car", to "I'm in a hurry". Seven polite requests later (yes, dismayed, I counted), I finally get some help...from a native Portlander. It literally takes one minute to re-park and jumpstart a car that has been prepared for jumpstart. WTF are you "Portlanders" from? This kind of Big City (California? Seattle?) heartless and fearful behavior bodes ill for when the shit REALLY hits the fan (which it will, eventually). I'm from WI and lived in Portland during the 90s. Vera Katz was a kick-ass mayor. It was friendly and cool then. Wisconsinites typically love to help each other; we mow our neighbor's lawns and shovel out their driveways! For free! Anonymously! In case you (especially the self-righteous "rebel" "Liberals") were wondering, no, I never vote Fascist/Republican; I'm a "mean" Progressive. So I must say now: you "Portlanders" really suck! FUCK. YOU. TOO. If you need a jumpstart out in the Gorge (where I live now), I will still help you. Because my faith in the human race will probably come back eventually. For now, I'm dismayed. So...FUCK. OFF! ONE. MORE. TIME!

Simple Solution to Gun Violence

Pass a law where anyone in possession a gun must be registered with a militia (or gun club)

Should anyone come to harm as a result of one of their member's weapons the militia is fully and financially responsible for everything that happens.

This way the idiots can keep their guns as long as they keep each other in check.

Also provides what would otherwise be "lone gunmen" with the most basic and minimal social infrastructure around a shared hobby.

Compare and Contrast

It's amazing that the 18-year-old 198th mass shooting terrorist of 2022 in Buffalo who murdered 10 people received less injuries from the Police than a 75-year-old peacefully protesting George Floyd's murder.

Is this a professional standard we can expect them to maintain moving forward? Or is arresting an armed terrorist inherently less dangerous than an engaging an elderly citizen in conversation?

My body, my choice

Whether it's an abortion or vaccine, no one has the right to tell me what to do with my own body. Period.

Call me Beanpole

You were in one of my dreams again last night. We didn't get the opportunity to speak but I saw you across a room lighting up a party. It's strange. I'm not a fearful person, but in the dream, I felt cautious about approaching you and didn't want it to look like I was making an attempt to steal the spotlight or demanding your attention while you were enthralling others.

You have such an incredible shine. I found a seat and joined in with the audience, completely captivated by you and hanging on your every word.

The strange thing was my phone started ringing. It was square. And so embarrassed I hurried off the couch and out of the room, so as not to distract from you. Once I left the room, I looked to the square screen as saw it was you calling me. Then I looked up and I was back on the couch again enthralled by your performance.

A car alarm went off but I resolved not to take my eyes off you again. I got time.

The room transformed into a stage, with me watching from the rafters. I woke up before you finished your set.

Does the phrase "Halley's coal" mean anything to anyone?