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The Work Life Balance

What a glorious lie you people spew. I see your posts for employment on Poached, we all do. We also saw the aftermath after one of us committed suicide. The back of house expendable. And when he died, you chose to post about it on Instagram before telling the staff, his friends, his family; a casualty of war I suppose. An unplanned break in the never ending weight of making money. The never ending confusion about what it means to operate a restaurant. It’s a Collection of failure. I hope that every one of your restaurants burns to the fucking ground. Then maybe, that work life balance you tout will actually come to fruition. Maybe then you won’t work people to actual death. Shame on you.

Must Be Nice No Cap

You always post photos of your amazing journeys. Your climbs around the world. Your innumerable degreed skills. Your ability to get the surgeries you need to be the person you want to be. And you're an "inspiration."
Except for the one big thing. The WHY in the HOW do you afford your lifestyle? Well, your mom got super drunk a few years ago and told me. Irrefutably showed me everything.
Your life is funded by blood. All your fun degrees and body mods are funded by straight up nazi money. And you KNEW. This whole time you knew, acted, and pretended to be a successful so-and-so at whatever you tried your filthy paws at.
And you're loved, gorgeous, and successful. Because of your NAZI BLOOD MONEY.
Don't worry, nobody will know it's you. I hope this makes it past the editor here. I'll never expose you but KNOW THAT I KNOW.

No, please and thank you.

Since my heart attack in March 2020, I avoid people. Walking across the road to be at least 30 feet away (as humans project particulates up to 27 feet away) from people, and holding my breath around folks when I cannot avoid them. Yet people still will see me from 100+ feet away, and cross streets, repeatedly, to interact with my vector.
So they can say "Excuse me, do you mind if I kill you with a biological weapon?"
While they verbalize "Can I buy a smoke/ bum a light"?
My answer is always "nope" as I walk in the opposite direction. Nobody gets the message. Sorry for you. Sorrier for the folks that have to deal with you.

Black-clad radicals

At the radical queer and silent disco events yesterday at Laurelhurst, I saw many black-clad, masked folks patrolling the area, mingling, etc. My impression is that they were there to ensure the safety and well-being of event participants from any potential anti-queer, fascist "show of force." Not being totally in the know, if my perception is wrong, I'm sorry.

However, here's my general take on anti-fascist, BLM, Black Panther, Radical Fairy, militant dyke, anarchist, elder hippie, groups, etc — what they stand for a what they do (yes, including smashing windows):

Social order in the U.S. is in collapse, under the weight of emboldened white racist groups, neo-nazis, paramilitarized police (redundant?), voter suppression, a radicalized judiciary, and multiple states, school boards, city councils, etc. actively attacking and prosecuting against women, queers, the poor, and Black and brown people.

The police, corporations, property owners, most politicians, government, and the courts are firmly on the side of repression and right-wing extremism. "Law-abiding," polite, white liberals who tsk-tsk about radical, even anarchic action sit at the table if the oppressors and can suck my balls or clit.

The battle for the lives and well-being of non-collaborators is upon us, and it won't be resolved through "COEXIST" bumper stickers, but rather through radical, even less-than-peaceful activism. Those of us who remember what "counter culture" really meant/means may not always shrivel and cringe when things get radical and messy.

But I'm just an aging queer, pro-labor, feminist socialist. What do I know? Wish *I* had some slimming black to wear.

Dear Black-clad Hollywood protesters

I too was outraged by the Supreme Court’s ruling. I live in Hollywood District and watched your group walk past my apartment. I bank at Bank of America. Can you please help me connect the dots between smashing the Banks ATM’s and the overturning of Roe? From what I’ve read, the Bank was quick to offer financial travel assistance to employees living in states with an abortion ban, and got into trouble with the right a couple years ago for donating to Planned Parenthood. So…? Maybe just an easy “Corporate America” target? Protesting in Portland Oregon, the most pro choice cities in the country, is like preaching to the choir. The real problem is, with your actions, you are pissing off the wrong people. If you really want to make a difference, travel to Tuscaloosa or Tulsa and march around their streets. That would show some real courage instead of hiding behind your black costumes in one of the most liberal of cities. I could say “grow up” and “get a life” but don’t want to upset your fragile, spoiled brat egos.

Count Me Out

Summer is here and I'm dreading white people trying to make me feel bad because of things I don't like to do. I'm not white, and whenever I put in a dating profile or tell someone in person that I don't like to lay on the beach in the sun, sit on a patio in the sun, hang out in a park in the sun, or do anything in the open sun, they always seem to get offended. They get all snarky and question me why I don't like to do these things. I don't need to do these things because I don't need to tan like a white person does.

Same goes for fuckin brunch, as it seems to be white person's activity. A look of utter confusion comes over their face and they just can't comprehend why a person of color wouldn't love to sit in a crowded restaurant filled with white people in the early morning and have a meal.

You all can continue to engage in your white activities, just don't get offended or confused why a person of color might not want to join in. And don't get me started on the Naked (White People) Bike Ride. Ugh.

You may now all continue with your performative BLM, racial justice BS.

$ Vote Now $

YES protests, signs, stickers, slogans, poems, opens, non profits, walk outs, sit ins.... But why has no one compiled a list of companies based in abortion ban states so we can stop spending our money with them? If companies move their headquarters to states without abortion bans and jobs dry up politicians will have to care regardless of party lines. And why is no one calling for a boycott on tourism travel to abortion ban states? We vote with our dollar as much as (if not moreso than) our vote at the poles. Why not cast out "ballots" early?!

fight to the death

I will fight to the death for you and you to have abortions. promise.


Don't take this in stride. Don't solider on. SAY THIS STOPS HERE.


This is not something we can wait until November and then January to resolve. The taking away of any right let alone the right of humans to regulate their own bodies requires MAJOR AND IMMEDIATE ACTION.

In the 70s when the government classified homosexually as an illness, the millions of swedes call out of work until the classification was changed. We can do the same.

If we don't have rights, then we don't need to participate in this economy.


Chain Reaction

This is why the max sucks. Some will claim its better because its a controlled number of stops rather than the buses many random or altered stops. I want to agree.
But more often than not, the max has technical issues and you cannot get off. You're fucking stuck and trapped. You are stuck on it and delayed quite often. Then you have disruptive passengers where security needs to intervene. This not only delays the train the disruptive person is on, but every other train behind it. All because of one single person. Delayed as little as 10 min if youre lucky.
And if youre like me why I'm writing this is because I had the option to catch another route home which at the time logistically wasn't as great as well as I thought the max would be faster. Well fuck me. Because of this person ill get home later as I made the wrong decision. And you know what else, my ice cream is now melted because of some needy pathetic wastiod. Laugh all you want. Its funny, but its not. Its all about decisions too. Follow your instinct, follow your heart. Use logic and reason. But in the end, its all luck.

States Rights Redux

After the (first) Civil War, most states scrambled for ways to continue oppressing Black, brown, and indigenous people. Until federal protections were put in place, each state got to devise its own devious methods for keeping the Other down.

Those federal protections have proven toothless, as Republicans roll back rights for voters, immigrants, workers, LGBTQ+ folks, the poor, the disabled, and anyone who doesn't cow to the white male, "Christian," bourgeois capitalist, police-state, heteronormative monoculture.

Today, women are returned to under the thumb of "States Rights" fascism — the constant wet dream of the GOP and protofascist judges.

So the call to return America to those "good old days" has been answered. With decades of darkness ahead, will the performative "New Seasons liberals" finally rise up in defense of social justice. Computer sez "nah."

It's painful.

No matter how you cut it, this is going to be a painful process.

The truth is these people committed crimes on multiple records in front of everyone. We also continue to learn more about other crimes they were planning or had attempted to commit as well.

There are a lot of reasons they can say as to why they did it. They thought there was a danger to the community or themselves, they thought the country was endanger, they thought it would help their brands, they thought they could make some money off it, but whatever the reasoning behind it. It happened.

I think people often forget that no small amount of people regard these individuals as heroes in certain context. Whether because they championed a cause they thought was important, because they can identify themselves with them, or maybe even because they believe they share values with these people.

It's a painful thing to recognize your heroes as human beings who can err and injure others. We all want to believe there are supermen and women outthere to protect us, but the truth is it's all up to us. Nobody is perfect and when you make a mistake and injure someone or someones, then you have a responsibility to be honest and account for the damaged caused.

Let's recognize each others' humanity and engage systems of fair and reparative justice that not only recognize offenses but also the context and climates they were made in.

We have a lot of work to do to make this work a better place, let's do whatever we can to help each other honestly and openly participate in the healing process.

3 cats, 2 snakes, and a deer

I've seen 3 dead cats on the streets in my lifetime here. I've seen many dead rats too. Some more decomposed than others. One cat was in downtown at the start of a brand new day. One, you don't see strays in downtown too often or at all. I couldn't help but think it fell out of a building or was dropped. I called Clean and Safe I think it was. They said we don't do things like that. So, no matter how many places you wanna pass responsibility on, just make sure noone has to see it. I don't have the heart for that responsibility. Another cat I saw on a lawn one day, and the next day I saw it in a trash bag on top of a box that said, "fragile, dead cat in here." My heart broke. I've seen two garter snakes cross my path in Portland, out of nowhere. It was really quite surreal as I'm not used to the reptile world. I hit a deer once. I remember everything about it visually. I was and am forever traumatized. I called the Humane Society when I got into work. I was still in shock. I was ill prepared and could not do what is usually done after a deer gets hit. I'm still saddened by this and still can picture it when I look in rearview mirrors. I used to cry when I would mop up spiders in the corners of the building I worked at. I used to try to save ants in my house. But not anymore. Those fuckers are relentless. I have no problem squashing those fucking fragile fuckers. I've never seen a dead body and I hope I dont have to.

Keep your fucking music to yourself

This city is full of bicyclists. Many are fine people. Some are assholes. You, though, are among the asshole-ist of them all, because when you ride up my street every single day you've got your music blasting at full volume. What, do you find it hard to hear your tunes over the noise of traffic? Well, how about you use some fucking earphones like the rest of us, you narcissistic piece of shit? I don't want to hear your music. You are invading my space and my mind by blasting your shit on your schedule at your chosen volume. I don't like you, I don't like your music, and I would be a happier person if I never saw or heard from you again - so keep your fucking music to yourself!

Lean into it.

My friend always says, when you face a daunting hurdle, you should "lean into it," instead of struggling to resolve it. I finally get it! Instead of addressing gun violence by tightening restrictions, make guns available to everyone, and let them tote their pieces wherever they go. Want to deal with unwanted pregnancies? Ban abortions and restrict women's personal, reproductive freedoms. How to deal with rising poverty and homelessness? Prevent unionization at all costs, and build ever more expensive housing for the rich. Want to address low voter turnouts? Suppress voting rights and polling access for more and more people. We live in a deeply dystopian age — let's all just lean into it.