RE: "Dear Christians: Let's Talk About Grammar" [Blogtown, March 15], Wm. Steven Humphrey's post about the "There IS Evidence for GOD!" billboards that've been popping up all over Portland. "Just so you know," Humphrey pointed out, "the above sentence should read "There IS evidence of GOD." Prepositions are not interchangeable."

Although grammar is important, it is also important not to correct others when you don't know what is correct. According to the OED, both "for" and "of" are perfectly acceptable with "evidence."

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Hey, you know, why not let these Christians have their fun? After all, God revealed to them His plan to save the pagan metropolis of Portland, Oregon, through these horrible billboards, without regard for grammar or graphic design. Let them enjoy their happy feelings.

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RE: "Why We Can't Let Sanders' Campaign Die in Vain" [Blogtown, March 18], Bobby Roberts' piece about how "it's time to acknowledge the severe mathematical improbability of Senator Bernie Sanders securing the Democratic nomination"—and thus also time to acknowledge the likelihood of a Clinton nomination, along with the "frustration of feeling forced into a political situation where neither option represents much (if any) of your personal values." Rather than not voting out of spite, Roberts asks, "Are you willing to harness that dissatisfaction and spend some of it now, begrudgingly, on ensuring things stay progressing slowly forward?"

At the very least, vote for someone, something, rather than just not voting at all. Not voting out of disgust is indistinguishable from not voting out of ignorance and/or apathy. Voting for Beyoncé at least shows you're engaged... you're just deliberately rejecting the offered choices.

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Good lord, Bobby, why do you seem to be the only sensible person on the internet? Thanks for this.

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A thoughtful article, but it omits two essential facts. One is that if Clinton wins the primary, your choices will not be limited to a Clinton/Trump contest. You can still vote Green. The Green Party candidate (probably Jill Stein) will almost certainly not win. But in the long run, voting your conscience is healthy for you and your country. Try it.

The second fact voters should understand (and the Merc should editorialize on) is that great political blobfish known as the electoral college. The EC assures that a handful of swing states will decide the outcome of the election. There are about 10 states that might swing this year—perhaps only seven or eight—and Merc readers in Oregon and Washington don't live in one. So voting for Clinton in Oregon is a pointless exercise in redundancy as the Democratic candidate is already assured of winning all votes in the state. That is, he or she will win all the votes that actually count—the electoral college votes. Since your individual vote literally does not count in a state with a known outcome, there's no imperative to waste it making some futile anti-Trump statement. On the other hand, if the Dems see a rising tide of Green, they might actually do a bit of soul searching and start responding to populist sentiments.

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RE: "We Asked All 15 Mayoral Candidates to Introduce Themselves to You. Eight Nine of Them Took Us Up on It" [Blogtown, March 21]. "The primary election is less than two months away," wrote Dirk VanderHart. "The Mercury asked each of the city's mayoral candidates a simple question: Who are you and what's the main reason you're running for mayor?" Go here to read responses from David "The Ack" Ackerman, Jules Bailey, Patty Burkett, Sean Davis, Deborah Harris, David Schor, Jessie Sponberg, and Ted Wheeler.

What about beloved write-in candidate Todd Mecklem?

Hi, I'm Todd Mecklem. I will publicize Portland by being photographed with a copy of the Portland Mercury during my visit to North Korea for the Pyongyang Marathon next month. (Well, I'll take the cover, anyway, the rest I'm not taking with me. Too many strip club ads.) I look forward to being your next mayor.

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Provided this isn't just an empty campaign promise, you've won our hearts and minds. Enjoy your two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, Mayor Mecklem.

DEPT. OF CORRECTIONS: Our March 16 news story "The City Has a New Front in the Fight Against Homelessness" incorrectly stated that the Portland Office of Management and Finance (OMF) manages a contract for a Southwest Portland homeless shelter. OMF performs maintenance and improvements on the shelter. The Mercury regrets the error.