RE: "Portland's Comedy Exodus" [Feature, March 23], Robert Ham's story about how Portland comedians Sean Jordan and Amy Miller are the latest in a long line of local stand-ups who have left Portland for the greener pastures of Los Angeles.

I love Sean and Amy, but I'd like to point out we're also losing Kristine Levine and Veronica Heath for Arizona. Kristine and Veronica have been in the scene for 10-plus years. I wish you would write about them, or have included them in this article. Huge losses for the community.

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RE: "Letters to the Editor" [Letters to the Editor, March 23... whoa, meta] in which Red Diamond replied to Bobby Roberts' post "Why We Can't Let Sanders' Campaign Die in Vain" [Blogtown, March 18]. Red Diamond reminded voters that even "if Clinton wins the primary, your choices will not be limited to a Clinton/Trump contest. You can still vote Green," adding that "if the Dems see a rising tide of Green, they might actually... start responding to populist sentiments."

Every time Bernie wins you people scream for him to drop out. Give it up, Clinton worshipers. Bernie is here to stay all the way through to the convention, and if he doesn't get the nomination, you can rest assured that all the independents and cross-party voters that Hillary absolutely needs to win will NOT be voting for her.

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Red Diamond—if people don't vote for Bernie because Hillary didn't get the nomination, or don't vote for Hillary because Bernie didn't get the nomination, I will find you and I will fight you in the concentration camp when Trump sends us there.

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RE: "Actually, There Are Good Reasons I Am 'V' Batman" [New Column!, March 23], Superman's piece about why he dislikes Batman.

You and Hulk should form a support group to discuss the problems of working with billionaire trust-fund "superheroes" who don't even have any superpowers, just a bunch of flashy toys.

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RE: "Good Morning, News: Liquor in Grocery Stores, Georgia Governor Vetoes Hate Bill, and the Mind Behind #BernieMadeMeWhite" [Blogtown, March 28]. "Liquor lovers, rejoice!" wrote Wm. Steven Humphrey. "Oregon is getting closer to finally allowing liquor sales in grocery stores. DON'T SCREW IT UP, PLEASE!"

I was just in Washington for the weekend and the local grocery store carried a few top name (crappy) brands, nothing made by local distilleries, and the prices were higher than in Oregon. So how is this a good thing?

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RE: "Remember, Portland, Your River's Also Filthy" [Hall Monitor, March 23], Dirk VanderHart's story about the Portland Harbor Superfund site ("a 10-mile stretch of the Willamette River—roughly extending from the Fremont Bridge to the mouth of the Columbia River—that public and private interests used as a dumping ground") and the Environmental Protection Agency's estimates of how much it will cost to clean it up.

There is no question the river is dirty and people need to pay particular attention this year, but air pollution in Portland is a far greater threat to human health than the river. This includes the cadmium issue, but also the everyday damage from diesel particulate emissions, which probably cause the most damage of all. It's a shame that the river has been demonized so much, because in most places it is perfectly safe for most forms of recreation, but we're scared of it because it is supposedly a "complex patchwork of toxicity." That is true for some parts of the sediment, but not for the water itself. It is fine for swimming, skiing, boating, and fishing for non-resident fish. The most dangerous aspect of the river is other, non-toxic forms of pollution that are unrelated to the Superfund, such as storm sewer overflows that bring E. coli to the river.


Jeff, for your stirring reminder that Portland's beautiful river is more than just a festering dump, we're proud to present you with the Mercury's letter of the week prize—two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, the perfect place to relax after a day on the water. Maybe just take a shower first.