Doug Brown


RE: "Magick Ritual Planned Tonight in Portland to 'Raise the Energy' for Bernie Sanders" [Blogtown, May 13], Megan Burbank's post about an event in Woodstock Park encouraging participants to focus their energy "for the most positive, most beneficial, most heartful outcome to the upcoming primary and national election cycle," and "Portland Wiccans for Bernie" [Blogtown, May 14], Doug Brown's story about attending said event. "It's now time to dance," Brown wrote of one of the rituals. "We hold hands and walk around the rug, chanting 'Be the Bern' over and over again."

Many pagan/heathen/alternative religion Bernie supporters are doing magical work on his behalf, in addition to mundane support like phone banking, canvassing, and rallies... it's all the same. Stop mocking alternative spiritualties. I know many Christians who are "praying" for Bernie as hard as any work we might do on his behalf.


The planets are in perfect alignment for a Bernie nomination! However, I have a source giving conflicting information. When I asked if Bernie will become president, I was told, "Signs point to yes," but then told, "Cannot predict now," and, finally, "Outlook not so good."



RE: "Um, Budweiser Is Changing Its Name to 'America' This Summer" [Blogtown, May 10], in which Christopher Frizzelle quoted Anheuser-Busch's plan to rebrand: "On shelves nationwide from May 23 through the election in November, these cans and bottles aim to inspire drinkers to celebrate America and Budweiser's shared values of freedom and authenticity." "Bahahahahahaha, okay, I have to stop," Frizzelle wrote, "I can't keep reading this shit." He concluded with two emojis:

Budweiser truly exemplifies what this country is all about... the American public accepting whatever garbage they're spoon-fed so long as they're told it's awesome and patriotic.


If you don't accept a Belgian company's demands to accept a rice-based beer substitute, you're not a real American, apparently.

The Immortal Goon


RE: No idea. But the handwriting was very pretty, and the envelope had a nice red stamp that featured the word "Love" in cursive.

Jesus fucking christ, why do I even have to say this? STOP HAVING BABIES. We're going to experience total environmental and social collapse within our lifetimes. Children being born today will be lucky to spend half their lives suffering through something that resembles the Middle Ages, and that's if they're not beaten, raped, murdered, and eaten.

How stupid, selfish, and despicably cruel must you be to purposely throw your OWN CHILDREN into this? Giving birth is not a miracle! Cockroaches fucking under the refrigerator can have babies. Meanwhile, sterilization is cheap and easy, not to mention we don't need more copies of your dumb ass. Stop shitting out babies like there's no tomorrow!

Snipped and Sick of You


RE: "Meet the Next Wave of Portland Homeless Camps" [News, May 4], Dirk VanderHart's story about how students at Benson Polytechnic High School are building four 64-square-foot sheds to serve as prototypes for "an untold number of similar structures... that can be cheaply and quickly built for organized camps as Portland wrestles with a housing emergency."

Your pods for the people idea is great, of course, if that's what they're really for. It seems to me and many others that the government is having our children building the housing for FEMA camps. Next thing you know you'll have a fence and barbed wire put up and they'll be locking people in. Will there also be a big incinerator to burn our bodies after we've been starved to death?


JESUS CHRIST KIMBERLEE! Holy shit! What! What's going on this week? Are you and Snipped and Sick of You friends? Both of you: NEVER WRITE US AGAIN.

This week we're giving the Mercury's letter of the week prize—two tickets to Portland's beloved Laurelhurst Theater—to Krystal. This is partly because it's perfect that someone named "Krystal" defended "alternative spiritualties," but mostly because Krystal didn't try to talk to us about babies being eaten or the government burning our bodies. UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE. Blessed be, Krystal!