Blow Pony

RE: “Kicked to the Curb” [Feature, July 13], Doug Brown’s feature about how queer dance nights Blow Pony and Bearracuda were kicked out of their longtime home, Euphoria Nightclub, ostensibly over concerns gay events would “confuse” EDM fans, the club’s target demographic. The events have since found a new venue at Bossanova Ballroom.

For what it’s worth, Blow Pony has been a largely straight event for some years now, with a large chunk of the crowd being straight people who were only there “to see what the gays are wearing this month.” At the time of its eviction, the event had little resemblance to its original form.


For what it’s worth, ragemanchoo, you definitely have not been to Blow Pony. Blow Pony is and has been a mainly queer-attended monthly. Yes, of course some hetero folk make their way in, but this small number of straight people do not make up a large enough number to back up your post.


This article focuses on one club and one queer dance party when it could highlight the fact that most venues in town have made it very clear they’re only willing to have a limited number of queer events at their establishments so as not to offend or drive away their “regular”/straight clientele. Most venues in town don’t want too many queer events, and it’s happening across the board. Many queer event producers can’t find locations for their parties due to this.



RE: “Bernie Sanders Finally Endorses Hillary Clinton, ‘One of the Most Intelligent People’ He Has Ever Met” [Blogtown, July 12]. Sanders’ endorsement “shows that even with the primary over, he may be able to continue to do what he does best: push Clinton to the left, where her wonk brilliance shines,” wrote Megan Burbank.

When has Clinton’s “wonk brilliance” ever shined? She has flip-flopped on every single important liberal position over the past three decades (healthcare, Iraq War, gay marriage, $15 minimum wage, trade agreements, etc.). She only stands for liberal issues if the polls say they are popular. She will never back universal health care or any other form of policy that would actually curb income inequality. Small fixes to the tax code aren’t going to change the massive redistribution of wealth to the very top percent. This article should come with a disclaimer that it’s just another Megan Burbank pro-Hillary puff piece.



RE: “One Day at a Time” [Gossip, July 13], in which Ann Romano discussed the July 7 police shootings in Dallas. “We would be remiss not to mention that these officers were killed by an SKS semi-automatic rifle and a handgun with a high-capacity magazine—both of which were legally obtained by the shooter thanks to obstructionist Republicans who continue to refuse to do anything about gun control,” wrote Romano. “The 12 murdered high school students and teacher of Columbine; the 20 six- and seven-year-olds and six adults at Sandy Hook; the 49 LGBTQ community members at the Pulse club in Miami; and now five police officers. When does the government’s inaction finally become criminal?”

In your recounting of the ongoing horrors of gun violence in our nation, you rightly reminded readers of the egregious mass shootings we have witnessed. You failed to mention, however, those that affected our immediate community in the last few years.

Cindy Yuille, a hospice nurse and my colleague of a decade, died at Clackamas Town Center in December 2012, along with Steven Forsyth. Emilio Hoffman died at Reynolds High School in June 2014. Their deaths were just as unconscionable as those you took note of in your article. Please remember them, too.

Robert and Jenna Yuille, Cindy’s husband and daughter, have worked tirelessly since her death to ensure reasonable gun control legislation is passed in our state and nation. Through GOFRO (Gun Owners for Responsible Ownership) and ARS (Americans for Responsible Solutions), they are challenging the apathy and obstructionism of the elected officials who refuse to act sensibly. Indeed, their efforts helped Oregon pass background checks for gun ownership, and Jenna stood near Governor Brown [last week] when she announced executive action to make our state safer from gun violence. Perhaps their efforts give us all some hope that change is possible.

Kristine Munholland

Indeed they do, Kristine. Yours is the Mercury letter of the week, which comes with two passes to the Laurelhurst Theater. Thanks for writing.

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