RE: “The ‘Liberal Bubble’ Is a Ridiculous Myth” [Blogtown, Dec 5]. “Now that the white working class has enabled a Manhattan billionaire to dick-swing his way into the White House, it’s time to realize the idea of a ‘liberal elite bubble’ is a false one,” wrote Senior Editor Ned Lannamann. “The notion of such a bubble presumes that US cities, with diverse populations in close proximity to each other, are not representative of the actual American citizenry, but rather are an aberration.”

As someone who grew up in a rural area that once had a thriving mill economy, but now lives in a city for the sole purpose of obtaining employment, I know the liberal bubble to be a real thing. Not all cities are liberal bubbles, however. Some cities host a variety of political ideas. But Portland certainly is.


The bubbles we live in are not geographical. They are formed by our self-curation of information, made possible by the internet in 2016.


I like the perspective and think it merits some further thought. The “liberal bubble” gets bandied about as though we’ve done something to ignore reality. The people ignoring reality may be those stuck in the conservative hellholes.



RE: “Steve Novick Is Renaming SW Fourth Avenue After an Embittered Bob Dylan Tune” [Blogtown, Dec 2]. “With a month left in office, Commissioner Steve Novick tells the Mercury that beginning today at 11:30 am he’s unilaterally re-christening SW Fourth Avenue between SW Jefferson and Madison” as “Positively Fourth Street,” wrote News Editor Dirk VanderHart.

The city should rename Glisan Street “Glisan Street” after the Richmond Fontaine song.



RE: “After Video of Rough Arrest During a Trump Protest, Portland’s Independent Police Review to Investigate” [Blogtown, Nov 30]. “To activist Gregory McKelvey, a Portland Police officer tried to break Kathryn Stevens’ neck. To the Portland Police Bureau (PBB), it was just a ‘mandibular angle pressure point for pain compliance’ they used when arresting her,” wrote News Reporter Doug Brown. “After more video of Stevens’ November 21 arrest was posted on social media, the city auditor’s Independent Police Review will be investigating, Mayor Charlie Hales announced.” Reacting to public outcry, the PPB publicly released their records of activist arrests—including activists’ private addresses and phone numbers.

It’s outrageous that PPB has released arrest records that include phone numbers and addresses, adding to the pain and suffering the taxpayers are about to compensate activists for. Hales is the most incompetent mayor Portland has ever seen, and the police have gotten more and more criminal under his regime. Maybe Hales will manage to go through FOUR police chiefs before Wheeler takes over. Talk about an easy act to follow! But can Wheeler rein in the PPB? Will the Portland Business Alliance let him?

Teresa Roberts


RE: “I, Anonymous” [Nov 30]. “I know there’s a lot to buy and that it’s the holiday season, but for fuck’s sake, do you need to block the entire aisle with your monster cart?” Anonymous wrote. “Do you really need to bring your 2.5 crying shitbirds? I just wanna get in and then get out, while YOU want to treat this as a fucking family outing and spend an hour and a half doing what should take 20 minutes!”

Your life must be so miserable, realizing that this world is inhabited by other human beings. Some of these so-called “humans” have the audacity to procreate, thereby ruining your otherwise perfect day. Lucky for you, there is a perfectly reasonable option! Move to Yemen, where children are being slaughtered by the thousands! Problem solved! Or just leave the house earlier, take a deep breath, and accept the fact that YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY PERSON ON THE PLANET.


Yes, leave the children at home, that’s what responsible parents do—leave young children at home unattended so the barren may shop unimpeded. This is now the second I, Anonymous in a month where some entitled whatever complains about someone with children. And we wonder why Portland is turning into a gentrified yuppie wasteland devoid of life when clowns like this actually think their mere existence entitles them to a store sans shopping carts.

Mr. Greener

MR. GREENER, your impassioned retort to Anonymous’ impassioned diatribe has earned you the Mercury’s letter of the week and two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater—where accompanied minors are welcome at shows starting before 5:30! (After 5:30, we barrens have the place to ourselves.)

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